3 Things to Remember When Hosting a Kid’s Birthday Party

3 Things to Remember When Hosting a Kid’s Birthday Party

Celebrating a child’s birthday is a joyous occasion for family and friends. Parents strive to fulfill their children’s wishes on their special day, but often, those wishes come with a hefty price tag.

Years ago, simple house parties with a cake and piñata were the norm. But today, many families take child parties to a whole new level, selecting elaborate venues and doling out expensive goodie bags. According to TodaysParent.com, hosting kids’ parties at a venue or with entertainers tends to cost a few hundred dollars minimum. In addition to this financial investment, parents should understand their responsibilities and liabilities when hosting a birthday party for their child.

Venue Changes

Whether you decide to host your child’s party at your home or at an overpriced warehouse filled with moon bounces, you need to take precautionary measures to protect yourself in the event of an accident. The liability portion of your homeowners or renters policy should explain how you’re protected if you are sued or found liable for an accident involving a party guest.

When you rent a facility, the facility usually provides a waiver that excludes them from liability for injuries and risks. If the facility does not require the parents of each child to sign a waiver, ask for a copy and offer it to parents when you send party invitations. This gives parents ample time to review the waiver should they have additional questions.

And don’t forget about health issues. Gluten-free requirements and peanut allergies scare any parent who is feeding children other than their own. The liability portion of your homeowners policy will address relevant implications if a child or adult gets sick from consuming food at your home.

Children Away? Adults Will Play

If you are hosting a child’s party and invite parents, you probably plan to cater to the adults as well. Parents like cake and ice cream, but some parents may opt for “adult beverages” over fruit punch. In the event you serve alcohol, know your state laws and statutes. Some states can hold party hosts liable if a guest is involved in an alcohol-related accident. And liability is not always limited to your guest and their injury or responsibility in an accident involving alcohol—if your guest or a third party suffers an injury from an accident and the alcohol links back to you, you could be held responsible for vehicle repair costs, lost time for work, medical bills or even claims for wrongful death.

Hop Off the Party Bus

In an effort to save money, some parents promote a drop-off policy for parties, which eliminates the need to feed parents and children. If your drop-off party is a slumber party, your risks are mainly limited to your homeowners policy. But if parents drop off their children and you transport the children to another place, you should take a quick peek at your auto policy. Make sure you have adequate bodily injury liability limits to cover injuries in the event of an accident.

Your children may receive gifts on their special day, but there’s no better gift than peace of mind. Talk to your Trusted Choice® independent insurance agent before you plan your child’s birthday party to ensure you have the coverage you need to fully protect your home and finances. A party can turn out to be a wonderful celebration for your child and guests. Let your Trusted Choice agent help you to make that happen.

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