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3 Things to Remember When Hosting a Kid’s Birthday Party

Celebrating a child’s birthday is a joyous occasion for family and friends. Parents strive to fulfill their children’s wishes on their special day, but often, those wishes come with a hefty price tag. Years ago, simple house parties with a cake and piñata were the norm. But today, many families take child parties to a […]

6 Reasons Your Trusted Choice Agent Should Help with Your Home Renovation Project

Did you know your home and finances are at risk when you plan a home renovation project? One of the main reasons homeowners fail to inform their insurance agent about home renovation plans is the assumption doing so will result in insurance premium increases. While this may be true in some cases, it could be […]

College Wars: May the Coverage Be with You!

Before you launch the escape pods, your Trusted Choice® agent suggests you schedule a review of your student’s “away at school” insurance needs. Here are but a few of the questions every parent and student should consider: How will your homeowners insurance respond for a personal property loss at college? Packing for school once meant […]

6 Reasons Your Trusted Choice Agent Should Help with Your Home Renovation Project

1. You could save money on your insurance. Fixing your roof or upgrading your electrical system can decrease your insurance premiums. These types of upgrades and renovations lower your home’s risk of loss from the perspective of an insurance company, which could reward you in turn. 2. Your agent cannot protect what they don’t know […]

Hot Dogs & Sparklers & Starbursts, Oh My!

If your July Fourth plan is to watch an awe-inspiring professional display, your Trusted Choice® agent simply wishes that your picnic food is fresh and your drive home safe. But for many citizens, the celebrations would not be complete without lighting up at least a few consumer fireworks throughout the day. Depending on their state […]