We are so thankful to have chosen Hitchings Insurance for our home insurance needs. We had just bought our dream home in the country and were looking forward to many memories to come, but that all changed just days after purchasing it. Our house was destroyed from arson and we were without a home and starting new chapters with our family. Hitchings Insurance agents- Bob and Ryan Pessell were at the scene within minutes of being called with the news of the house. Everything was taken care of in a professional, painless, and caring manner. Through the whole process, they did a phenomenal job of taking care of our family and making sure our housing situation was under control. Not all insurance situations go smoothly and without bumps in the road. Our journey in this whole process with Hitchings Insurance has been smooth, without bumps, and a wonderful experience.

In addition to working with Hitchings Insurance, Westfield Insurance has been very on the ball, timely, professional and super easy to work with. Our claims adjuster has been through the whole claim process while rebuilding our house and we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. He is prompt in responding, very helpful and thorough in his work. We are very glad to have been able to work with Westfield this past year, given the undesirable circumstances. Our family is very fortunate to have chosen Hitchings Insurance and Westfield Insurance for covering our home and family insurance needs. Thank you!”
–Joe and Darlie

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“Thank you Hitchings Insurance for contacting us after the storm and following up with us so quickly. It’s comforting to know we have someone local to answer our questions. The claim process was very smooth. The adjuster came Monday evening and we had a check in hand first thing Tuesday morning. He took the time to sit down with us and explain everything, and was very fair in his evaluation of the damage. We have been very happy with the process, and Westfield has made it as hassle-free as an insurance claim can be”.
–Alan and Jenny Sachs.


“RPM Carbide Die, Inc. has been doing business with Hitchings Insurance for more than a generation. They have provided our health, dental, and commercial policies. In addition to making sure we’ve had the best coverage at competitive prices, the staff has always been friendly and responsive when we’ve required assistance.”
–Joe Phillips


“Hitchings Insurance is an exceptional company that cares for their clients like family. We value their efforts to find quality insurance plans at affordable prices. When we have had to submit a claim, they get it settled promptly all while making it hassle free for us. We highly recommend Hitchings Insurance to anyone seeking such services. You will not be disappointed!”
–Eric and Kari Colman


“I am happy to have Hitchings Insurance on our team. I have seen first hand the dedication to their clients manifest itself in their actions. They have shown the professionalism and integrity to recommend the insurance products that were better for our bottom line at the expense of their bottom line. That is the kind of customer service that I look for in defining long­term business partners.”
–Matt Boehm, Northwest Ohio Orthopedics and Sports Medicine