Douglas C., customer since 2002

Hitchings Insurance does a great job of not only providing coverage for all of your insurance needs, but also supporting our local community organizations with their generosity. Thanks for all of your help and support and we look forward to many more years of partnership.

Bradford S., customer since 2016

Very professional. Always going above and beyond to be of service with anything. This is without a doubt the best insurance company and insurance professional that we have ever had. Thank you so much for being there for us.

Jerry M., customer since 2014

You are extremely timely and responsive to questions when I have them. We have many policies on many properties and we seem to stay competitive without having to change companies every couple of years to get back to competitive rates.

Customer since 1983

Hitchings Insurance Agency is fantastic. They provide personal, professional service. And any questions I have are answered very quickly. They know what they are doing and they’re happy to help with any questions or concerns. I will definitely continue to use them in the future.

Cory M., customer since 2016

Getting started was easy and the communication back and forth was great. Brock was almost always available to take calls with any questions, and provided understandable explanations of what was in question. Also, Hitchings was very patient with us as we drug our feet on getting our drivers license switched to an Ohio license.

Customer since 2005

When we first became homeowners we were overwhelmed with decisions and processes. We sat down with Ryan at Hitchings Insurance and he explained what the coverages were and why we needed them so we could understand them and that really put our minds at ease. 1 claim, 1 career change and 15 years later we are glad those coverages were put into place. Our policy has changed with additions to the property and even additions to the family. Those changes were made so easily with the help of the friendly staff at Hitchings. We haven’t made all the right decisions for our family over the years, but choosing Hitchings family agency to serve our family………. was right for us!


Brian W., customer since 2015

Ryan is awesome! He always provides us timely responses. He is an extremely accessible agent, and works diligently to be competitive in pricing our policies.


Christine N., customer since 2010

Only last week I was saying to a friend how great an office you have. The ladies know me by name and will always answer any questions I have or will find out quickly and efficiently and call me back that day. I would never think of ever having another agency other than Hitchings.


Robert H., customer since 2014

Always friendly. Ready to help. Involved in our community in many ways


Customer since 2016

Hitchings Insurance is very helpful in finding any kind of insurance and finding it at the right price and suited to your specific needs.

Christopher C., customer since 2010

I would like to thank Ryan Pessell and his team at Hitchings Insurance Agency for the quality of their service. Over the past 2 years we have made numerous changes to our policy and carriers. Many of these changes were made while we were out of the country and unable to meet. Ryan handled everything from researching the right options to dealing with our bank. Their efforts on our behalf made the transitions in life much easier. I have been with Hitchings Insurance for many years and will be with them for many years to come.

Customer since 2015

Your friendliness counts to me. It makes me feel important as a client. Most importantly they are knowledgeable and have truly helped making insurance decisions as effortless for me as possible.

Beth C., customer since 2013

Customer Service! You all are great at it! Once I had a policy question, within the day I was given multiple suggestions, leaving me to pick the option best for me. Not one size fits all. That’s why I sent my kids there.

Robert W., customer since 2001

I don’t remember how long ago it was, but when I had a deer hit the driver’s side of my car, the process of getting a rental car and getting mine fixed was a VERY easy process. I was really impressed how well the process went. Thanks.

Michael G., customer since 2008

I would have to say Hitchings Insurance did everything right from the time I walked in until I left. Brock was very helpful, answered all my questions about health Insurance policies and gave me information I didn’t think to ask him. I want to mention Judy also. She’s always helpful for information about my home and auto insurance. Very pleased with Hitchings Insurance.

Craig M., customer since 2014

About 4 years ago, I needed to do something about my health insurance, and I stopped in and set up an appointment to meet with Lee. I was so happy I did. Lee not only helped find me a suitable plan for my family and our needs, but he saved me a lot money! I had to deal with my previous company on the phone and we all know how those calls go. Press 1 for this and 2 for this. With Lee I can call in, set up a time to actually sit down and meet with him in person if I am having an issue. Lee has been a huge relief for us and I am so happy we made the change. I definitely would recommend Hitchings Insurance to anyone from their quality and timely service to the friendliness of the staff. We are very pleased with them.


James G., customer since 2006

My wife and I were very happy with the way Lee presented our options on health insurance. He took an interest in what we were looking for and was not in a hurry. This was 15 years ago and we are still with the same companies.

Customer since 2014

Hitchings Insurance Agency has been a tremendous help looking into health care plans for me. They helped me find doctors in my plan and emailed me the list. I love that they do it ALL. He went above and beyond and the staff is great.

Carrie C., customer since 2001

Always very helpful with medical each year, giving that personal touch. The ladies who answer the phone whenever I call, whether it be personal or work-related, are always pleasant and able to help find answers to all my questions.

Derek C., customer since 2005

Hitchings Insurance handles a wide variety of disciplines for our household. From commercial, to property, to liability, to auto, and life, our family has found an insurance home with the Hitchings Insurance Agency. The ability to reach out to an agent you know and trust has been an essential element of success for our wide uses of the agency. These people are based local and serve local, and we highly recommend their professional services.

Mark L., customer since 2008

Whenever I call with needed help or info someone is always able to come through for us. Thank you.

Gary K., customer since 2001

#1 You are competitive. #2 Your people answer the phone and get answers to any questions without putting the customer thru a litany of voice mails.

Mary D., customer since 2015

When I applied for the insurance, you and your staff were very accommodating, professional and efficient.

Larry H., customer since 2013

I am able to talk to an agent directly.

Hodd M., customer since 2008

Lee always provides us with several options, and takes the time to find the right policy for us.

David L., customer since 2007

Insurance is the kind of product you hope you never have to use. Life doesn’t always run smoothly. We have needed our insurance coverage a few times over our many years with Hitchings. Our experiences have always been so stress free. We make the call and Hitchings Insurance has always simply said, “we have this”, and that was it. It was taken care of. It is the people that are most important in the end, and the Hitchings staff is amazing!

Rex M., customer since 2007

Questions are always answered right away. Service is handled locally.

Delbert H., customer since 2001

We have been with your insurance company for many years. We have gotten very good service. We are assured whether we are in Florida, or Ohio, and call about a question or we have purchased something we need insurance on, you are only a phone call away. THAT is service. You have the same values as we do: the customer is first priority. Thank you for being there for us.

Randall K., customer since 2007

Service. Service. Service. Ryan is always quick to take care of anything we ever need.

Eric S., customer since 2001

I’ve had all my insurance through Hitchings for many years. You won’t find better people that know their products and really do try and get you the best coverage for the money. The thing that really showed me what kind of people they were was a few years ago, I had wind damage. Trees down on my house and all over my yard. I called Bob to start the claim and within 2 hours, he personally was in my yard with his chainsaw helping to clean up the mess. I never asked for help. He just showed up and went to work. That told me a lot about what kind of people I was dealing with. Bob has since retired, but I know his commitment is carried on to the next generation.

Rhonda F., customer since 2012

Ryan Pessell at Hitchings Insurance has been wonderful to help us with all of our insurance needs. When we have questions, he is always prompt in returning our calls. Always personable and professional. A pleasure to work with.

Shawn Z., customer since 2007

Our company appreciates Hitchings Insurance Agency’s knowledge, attention to detail, and prompt responses to all of our questions about health insurance and business liability coverage.

Gary P., customer since 1993

Working with Hitchings Insurance Agency has been a rewarding experience. The responsiveness and guidance have served us well.

Jon F., customer since 2001

Hitchings Insurance always treats us as a valued client. They will do everything possible to ensure our satisfaction. We appreciate our business relationship.

Northwest O., customer since 2014

It is great to have an agent that takes the time each year to go through all of our business changes to make sure our insurance coverage changes with our growing needs.

Greg R., customer since 2001

Ryan Pessell , Has always exceeded our insurance needs. The personal touch that he applies, is rarely found in today’s fast pace world ! Thank You Ryan.

Floyd R., customer since 2001

We have always been pleased with the service we receive. To date we have had few claims but are confident that we would be taken care of with the best possible service. Thank you for your service.


Verl W., customer since 2001

One call for me takes care of all my insurance needs. Whether it be residential, commercial, health, or any type of liability coverage, I feel secure that the team at Hitchings Insurance will have me covered.

Douglas C., customer since 2016

Ryan was very knowledgeable about the insurance products his company offers. Their prices are very competitive. We like knowing that if we have questions or concerns we can contact Ryan personally and he or one of his teammates will take care us.

Laura C., customer since 2016

The customer service is outstanding! We recommend Hitchings Insurance to anyone looking for an insurance agency.

 Jack V., customer since 2014

It’s great to have a home town agent. Keep up the good work!


 Douglas C., customer since 2016

Ryan was very knowledgeable about the insurance products his company offers. Their prices are very competitive. We like knowing that if we have questions or concerns we can contact Ryan personally and he or one of his associates will take care us.


 Fred G., customer since 2003

When we have had to make a claim you took good care of us. Nice to have a local person to talk with.

 Jared B., customer since 2015

Any time that we have a question about coverage, or questions about the policy, the response time is always Timely.


 Joseph B., customer since 2003

Always helpful regarding insurance questions. Also, provides a product of good value.

 Bradford S., customer since 2016

Very professional. Always going above and beyond to be of service with anything. This is without a doubt the best insurance company and insurance professional that we have ever had. Thank You so much for being there for us.

Donald H., customer since 2001

Great people great service great products and they care!!!

Karen V., customer since 2014

Cordial, easy to understand and the process was taken care of easily.

Nick N., customer since 2006

Hitchings Insurance has always been able to offer me the type of insurance I am looking for. Response time to needs and questions is as fast as anyone I have ever dealt with in the industry. In today’s “let’s get it done now” way of thinking, that is very much appreciated.

Macklin I., customer since 2014

Always available when we have questions or need guidance. Make things easy for us as a business.

Brian R., customer since 2018

Ryan at Hitchings Insurance was very polite and professional. He answered all my questions and helped me get the right coverage for an affordable price.

Greg H., customer since 2014

The staff at Hitchings Insurance is always helpful and they do a great job following up!

Jay F., customer since 2019

I appreciated the quick response to my questions and the ease of establishing the policy’.

Joe P., customer since 2016

I felt Ryan did a good job evaluating the needs of the company and making sure that the right policy was selected. It is good to know that there is somebody local I can call with questions. The couple of questions I’ve had were quickly addressed.

Mark L., customer since 2008

When ever I call with needed help or info someone is always able to come through for us. Thank you.

Dawn R., customer since 2013

Always so helpful and always available!

Kelly G., customer since 2017

Fast and efficient. I would not work with any other company.

Laura C., customer since 2016

The customer service is outstanding! We recommend Hitchings to anyone looking for an insurance agency.

David L., customer since 2002

Very courteous and found me the optimum insurance for my needs.

Anne C., customer since 2010

I’m amazed with the promptness of service! So professional yet very friendly!

April S., customer since 2019

You made me feel like you really care and wanted to make sure I received the correct coverage. Thank You so much for your help!

Charles R., customer since 2018

Competitive pricing and great customer service.

Justin L., customer since 2018

Fast friendly service at an affordable price. A real person to answer the phone when I have a question or would like to make a change to my policy.

Troy G., customer since 2008

We feel well taken care of. Thanks!

Michael F., customer since 2019

Excellent and prompt followup.

Donald K., customer since 2019

As usual, you were very professional and every question we asked, you were very concerned of our needs.

William W., customer since 2007

You all are always easy to work with and very professional and prompt.

Troy M., customer since 2018

Always friendly and efficient when I call with policy changes or questions.