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Adulting Moving out of the 'rents

Adulting: Moving Out of the ‘Rents

January 22, 2020


Moving out of your parent’s house for the first time is exciting, but can be stressful as well. You just graduated college. Maybe you just graduated high school. It’s quite possible your parents are kicking you out of the house. Either way, it can be intimidating to enter the next phase of life. Adulting…the first stage of your life where you are fully independent.

Pros and Cons to Adulting

There are pros and cons to moving out on your own. The pros include freedom, privacy, and a sense of accomplishment. The cons include… everything else. Where do you live? Do you rent an apartment alone or try to find a roommate? After you solve your living situation, what do you eat? It’s a lot cheaper to eat at home but sometimes you just really need some Taco Bell. And let’s face it, Kraft Mac & Cheese and chicken patties get old after a while. Making your place into a home or learning to cook for yourself can be fun. Do you know what’s not fun and makes for good reading material to fall asleep? Insurance!

Where do you even start with insurance?

You need auto insurance so you pull a classic millennial move: Google it. You may go to one website, get a quote with a bunch of coverages you don’t understand and take it. OR you spend hours online doing your own research with the goal of finding the cheapest insurance.

You finally settle on auto insurance, but now you start to wonder about renters insurance. Just because you’re told you should have it, you start a renters insurance policy. What does it cover? Who knows, but you did what mom and dad recommended!

Now you have auto and renters insurance! (Congratulations!)

BUT you have no clue what you’re really paying for. (YIKES!)

Who cares though, right? You are covered. You are officially ‘adulting’ and you are filled with pride.

What if there was an easier way?

What if you didn’t have to spend hours online searching for insurance and teaching yourself about the coverages? Well, have no fear! Hitchings Insurance is here!! Our job is to make your life easier by providing solutions to your insurance needs.

We’re in the same boat!

I am in this exact stage of life as I just graduated college. Adulting has started. I purchased my first vehicle and got my own auto insurance. I’m getting married in April and we’ll need to find a place to live together and properly insure our belongings.

My personal mission statement is to make your life easier. I take pride in making the insurance process clear and simple for you.

You need auto insurance and don’t want to waste hours of your time, but still want a good deal? No problem. At Hitchings Insurance, we are an independent agency. This means we work with several different companies. For auto insurance, I need minimal information from you. Then, I can shop around to see which company provides the best rate for the most appropriate coverage for you. The best part is I can explain the insurance to you, so you know exactly where your money is going!!!

Now you might be thinking, can renters insurance be as easy as auto? Yes!! I will still be able to find the best rate for you with appropriate coverages and provide an understanding of where your money is going. It’s nice to know what you’re paying for and to have someone that can explain it all.

Enjoy the Start of Adulting

Moving out on your own should be exciting, not terrifying. I want you to focus on the pros. Enjoy your freedom. Make your place feel like home and learn to cook. It should be a happy transition in your life. Let me take care of some of your stress and handle your insurance needs. My contact information is below or you can fill out a quick form by clicking on my photo. Let me make your life easier!