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Employers Liability vs Public Liability for Farmers

The Difference Between Employers Liability and Public Liability for Farmers Farmers are masters in the agricultural industry. Some farmers are generational and have been living the lifestyle from a very young age and have had involvement in farming in [...]

What is Unmanned Aircraft Insurance?

Technology is advancing, and doing so in such a way that makes our everyday lives – and the ways we run our businesses – easier. Enter the term unmanned aircraft, also known as drones. You have probably seen them [...]

How Much Does Farm Insurance Cost?

As a farmer, you manage a lot of “behind-the-scenes” costs to keep your operations viable and affordable. One aspect of farming is acquiring comprehensive agriculture or farm insurance, which should generally insure all equipment you may have, commercial vehicles, [...]

Proper Fire Safety Practices for Your Farm

Proper Fire Safety Practices & Prevention Measures for Your Farm Barn fires can wreak havoc on a farm overnight. Some farms in history have resulted in the tragic loss of human life and the loss of animal life leaving [...]

Insuring Your Horse at Someone Else’s Farm

Here’s How You Know Who’s Responsible for Insuring Your Horse Boarded at Another Farm The cost of owning a horse can be rather tremendous, depending on where you live in Ohio, the type of horse that you own, its [...]

Poultry Farm Insurance: What Is & Isn’t Covered

A poultry farm is a farming operation in the animal industry that centralizes on the raising of domesticated birds, including chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys to produce eggs and/or meat to sell as a food product. Farmers who run [...]

The Cost of Farm Truck and Semi Tractor Insurance

Depending on your farm’s activities, you may use several commercial vehicles. You could have grain trucks, semi-tractors, or even pick-up trucks for hauling goods and materials, delivering products, or other business tasks. What would you do without these assets? [...]

Farm Machinery Insurance & Pricing

Farm Machinery Insurance Coverage & Average Premiums Your farm uses various types of machinery and equipment to back its operations. You might have a whole host of different equipment on your land, from sprayers and planters to boilers and [...]