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Difference Between Group Health & Blanket Health

Having some form of health insurance benefits as part of your overall employee benefits packages is a great way to ensure your business is in a position to attract and retain talent, while also remaining competitive with other companies [...]

Can an LLC Get Group Health Insurance?

Group health insurance is an excellent addition to an employee benefits package, and can help offer a number of benefits to your workplace, including decreased stress, improved efficiency, and greater employee retention. But for a “business structure” like [...]

Group Health Insurance for Contractors

One of the most important parts of running a business as a contractor is taking care of your employees and ensuring that every moving part of your business is, well, moving. Attracting and retaining incredible talent that can boost [...]

Questions to Ask When Buying Group Health Insurance

Employers offer group health insurance for numerous reasons. It helps attract and retain talented employees. It allows employers to negotiate more profitable rates and coverage options through providers, and they can show, through the offering of group health insurance, [...]