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Are Log Homes More Expensive to Insure?

Log homes are different than your regular home, and many homeowners and even prospect buyers tend to consider them better than your traditional stick-built homes. They often have superior craftsmanship, rustic appeal, can be extremely energy efficient, and make [...]

Equipment Breakdown Coverage: What Is It?

We get this question a lot! What is equipment breakdown coverage? It’s actually quite simple…just what the name suggests! If a mechanical system in your home breaks down, the equipment breakdown coverage takes care of the damages to your [...]

Barndominium 101

If you live in rural USA you may have noticed a new trend. You have probably seen people living out of barns. No, not a traditional barn but a fancy barn. In the insurance industry, they are referred to [...]

Do Credit Scores Affect Premiums?

Do Credit Scores Impact Insurance Premiums? In the United States, it’s common to use credit scores to gauge auto insurance or home insurance rates. Depending on the insurance company and depending on whether you choose to opt-in or not [...]

Home Insurance Rates Increasing Due to Inflation

Is Inflation Affecting my Home Insurance Rate? A standard homeowners insurance policy includes an inflation index. This is included to increase your coverage by some every year, in hopes that the policy keeps up with inflation. Due to this [...]