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Glass Breakage & Plate Glass Insurance

How to Handle Glass Breakage at Your Store & Comprehensive & Plate Glass Insurance Dealing with broken glass is a hassle, in your store and at home. Not only is it dangerous and a hazard, even after you thought [...]

What is Business Interruption Insurance?

What is Business Interruption Insurance & Why Does My Business Need It? In recent years, we’ve seen firsthand how interruptions can devastate industries worldwide. Just a few weeks of downtime can seriously devastate any business, whether that’s a retail [...]

Business Continuation Insurance 101

Business Continuation Insurance 101: What happens to my business if I can no longer run it? No one likes to think about the worst-case scenarios, especially when it pertains to all our hard work, our struggles, our invested time [...]

Home Stagers & Purchasing Business Insurance

Home Stagers & Purchasing Business Insurance Insurance may look very different depending on your industry. Your risk factors, your company’s physical presence, employees, tools, and equipment are all huge factors in the overall business insurance package that will be [...]

What To Do After a Fire Loss

What to Do After a Fire Loss: Property Insurance Claims, Steps to Take & Tips If you’ve ever experienced a home fire or have recently lost a part or all your property due to a residential fire, you know [...]

Why Are My Home Insurance Rates Going Up?

Why Are My Home Insurance Rates Going Up? Home insurance is an insurance product purchased to protect what is easily your biggest investment: your home. Your home is the roof over your head – a place of memories for [...]

What Insurance Do Taverns, Bars, and Pubs Need?

Bars & Pubs Liability Insurance: How it Works & What You Need As a bar, pub, or a tavern owner, you need insurance. Yes, you’ll need your classic CGL (or commercial general liability insurance.) You’ll need your commercial property [...]

What is Lessor’s Risk Insurance?

What is Lessor’s Risk Only (LRO) Insurance? Lessor’s risk insurance. It’s one of those lessor (pun intended) known insurance coverages that are designed for owners of leased commercial properties, particularly retail complexes, warehouses, apartment buildings, and the like. It’s [...]