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Comprehensive Coverage Explained

Comprehensive Coverage Explained

January 22, 2020


The insurance industry uses all kinds of  “fun, technical” terms that most people do not have fully understand. Learning the basics are helpful to making an informed decision. Let’s answer this question about personal and commercial auto policies: What is comprehensive or other than collision coverage?

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive is the second main piece of an auto insurance policy that covers your vehicle against damages. We have covered collision coverage already. Here’s what you need to know about comprehensive coverage for a personal or commercial auto policy:


It’s just that! If your vehicle catches fire for any reason, other than being intentionally set, comprehensive coverage takes care of it.

Theft or Larceny

Here you are covered if someone decides they want your vehicle more than you do. [Time for them to find a different hobby, right?!]

Malicious mischief or vandalism

Neighborhood kids have the bright idea to egg your car or spray paint I love Jenny in bright green on your vehicle. You get the point!

Explosion or Earthquake

If the earth starts a moving, your vehicle is covered against damage that it may cause.


When the winds blows, what can happen? A tree can fall and they are pretty good at finding a shiny new car to fall on!

Hail, water, or flood

This is one of the most common comprehensive claims! If hail dents your car or a flash flood washes it away, you will claim the damages under the vehicle’s comprehensive coverage.

Riot or civil commotion

Luckily these don’t happen often. But…if the Browns ever win the Super Bowl, we’d recommend not parking in downtown Cleveland that evening.

Missiles or falling objects

If an object on the roadway is airborne and strikes your vehicle, it will be a covered claim under comprehensive coverage.

Contact with Bird or Animal (animal collision)

This is BY FAR our most common vehicle claim! Deer and raccoons seem to have an attraction with large metal objects driving down the road. It is advisable to carry comprehensive coverage for this reason alone.

Breakage of Glass

We see this a lot too! Full glass coverage is also available, which means no deductible applies when you have a broken windshield that needs to be replaced. 

We hope this has been helpful to better understand “comprehensive coverage”. We’re glad you found our page! With over 50 years in the insurance business, we can find a viable coverage solution for you at the right price. We’d love for you to experience the Hitchings Insurance difference. Just fill out this quick form about your auto insurance and one of our licensed insurance professionals will be in contact soon!