Episode 10: Optimism, Fitness and Focusing on the Good with Jim Steffan | Hometown Highlights Podcast

New episode with America’s Fun Fitness Coach, Jim Steffen. He brings a lot of energy, especially for someone who sets their “opportunity clock” at 3:07 each morning. He shares about his career and how he started a gym, then sold it, and got back into the fitness industry. Today he owns XT Fitness, which is a local gym in Findlay, OH and has online services as well.

Jim also does motivational public speaking and shares how he came up with his phrase for optimism, as the “Big O.” The episode ends with Jim sharing his love for the Findlay community and his heart behind starting Kick-ass People of Findlay. He hopes to use this page to highlight the great people in his community, instead of focusing on the negative.

Listen to the full episode for a high energy conversation!

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