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Field Tiling to Improve Drainage

Farm Fact Friday: Field Tiling to Improve Drainage

July 17, 2023



Hello everyone welcome back to another Farm Fact Friday! To those who have started back to school I hope you’ve had a great first few days, to those who have school right around the corner best wishes to you and of course good luck to all the boys of fall as the football season starts. So specifically I wanted to shout out to Tommy Keefe who was in this field today working on the tiling project and now is playing football. So a lot’s going on but that’s basically how it goes.

So in previous weeks we’ve talked about what happens after wheat harvest we talked about how some, will….you know cut for straw. We’ve talked about how double crop plants beans are planted and another option that farmers may choose is to have the field tiled. So purchasing land in general is an investment and one additional way to improve the land is by tiling it and the importance of this is just to make sure that drainage is proper. So there aren’t areas that water just comes to and sits anything that gets too much water is not going to grow like it should and what the drainage tile does for us is it gets it off of the field send it to a main and the main takes it where it should go. So in the long run you know those those low areas or just maybe areas that don’t get a lot of sun that water that’s just sitting there is not good for those crops. So even though it’s an investment up front over the long haul the improvement in yield due to you know reduction in that water sitting will pay for itself.

So in the back here you can see the white spools of tile and then back here in the distance closer to the woods there is equipment back there that is all needed in order to get the tile into the ground properly. So that’s left up to the experts in their field to you know determine where the tile goes getting the correct grade. So that that water flows in the tile to get to the main which would lead us up to another future episode of Farm Fact Friday where we would talk more in depth about field tiling and you know how it actually works from their perspective. So today just wanted to share that this is another decision that farmers have to make maybe at the time that they purchase you know new land or if they’ve had land for a period of time and want to make improvements to it. So with that I hope you have a great rest of your Friday a wonderful weekend we’ll check you back next week for another Farm Fact Friday take care.