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Harvest Talk with a Farm Boy

Farm Fact Friday: Harvest Talk with a Farm Boy

July 17, 2023


Kari – “Hello everyone welcome back to another Farm Fact Friday of course it’s always great to be here and we’ve been talking about soybeans and as you can tell the field behind us which is also the field that was behind me last week has changed tremendously over the last week and as we gear up for harvest time. I have someone that’s joining us today who is going to share farming from his perspective because Beau what are we doing gonna do tomorrow? Beau – “We are gonna farm and try soybeans” Kari – “What type.. what’s that called when we try the soybeans? What are we doing?” Beau – “We’re trying to see if it’s dry” Kari – “Yeah what machinery do we use?” Beau – “We use a grain cart, trucks and a combine”. Kari – “Yeah so the combine is going to harvest some beans and he mentioned.. you’re going to start what time of day tomorrow in the morning or the afternoon?” Beau – “Afternoon because when the sun have to rise and then gotta let it dry for like a couple hours an when it’s lunchtime and when we get to harvesting the soybeans.” Kari- “Okay so his schedule is after lunch time tomorrow they’re going to combine some soybeans. So you said you have to have a combine and for how you guys farm you have a combine you have a green car and a tractor and then what else?” Beau – “A semi” Kari – “So what do you we can’t see you over there what do you typically get to help with? Beau – “I get to help with a grain cart, combine and and in trucks.” Kari – “You get to oh you get to spend time in all of them. What’s your favorite one that you get to help with?” Beau – ” A grain cart and a combine. All of them” Kari – “You like all of them okay and sometimes I heard that you get to help drive something what’s that?” Beau – “A grain cart and combine. Kari – You get to actually steer the wheel, oh my goodness I get to turn the combined too.” Kari – ” That’s pretty exciting when you’re in the grain cart what all do you have to watch around you when you’re driving the tractor what are you paying attention to” Beau – “In front of you?” Kari – “Yep you have to know your surroundings watch in front of you beside you to make sure you’re actually catching the beans so when you are headed to the field do you pack anything with you? Beau – “No” Kari – “No you don’t get hungry or thirsty?” What type of things do you pack?” Beau – ” I pack a game.” Kari – “A game” Beau – ” And my lunch and a drink.” Kari – “Awesome, what’s your favorite thing about farming?” Beau – “Uh chisel disk” Kari – “He likes working ground and we can’t do that until we get the combining done huh.” Beau – “Yep” Kari – “Yeah so tomorrow we’re gonna open up one of the fields that’s ready and we’re going to see if those soybeans are ready and when do you think we’re going to be doing the field behind us?” Beau – “Two weeks” Kari – “He thinks we’re going to be getting them off within two weeks so harvest time is upon us and as we always mention at Hitchings Insurance just be mindful of your surroundings especially in the rural areas as combines, trucks, trailers, semis. They’re all out there just trying to get the work done. Of course not to inconvenience anyone but let’s just make sure that we can get the farmers to their field safely and then back home at the end of the night. So with that I hope you guys have a great rest of your Friday a wonderful weekend we’ll check you back next week for another Farm Fact Friday take care. Thanks Beau!”