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How high should corn be by the 4th of July?

Farm Fact Friday: How high should corn be by the 4th of July?

July 17, 2023


Hello everyone welcome back to another Farm Fact Friday you’re finding me here next to a corn field. We’re going to talk about knee-high by the 4th of July or where it comes from but back in the day people used to measure their corn to see if it was stacking up by the 4th of July. So if their corn was up to knee-high by the 4th of July that was considered a measure that they were going to have a good corn yield at the end when it was harvest time. So while this may not be quite what we’re seeing these days and not something that we can equate knee high by the 4th of July to great yields at harvest time it is it’s part of history it’s an adage it’s something we can kind of cling to but as ag has progressed and new advances in the technology this is more like over five foot by the 4th of July. So and of course knee-high depends on which person you’re talking to I’m 5-1 standing here and this corn is way higher than my knee almost over my head. So while it may seem silly now it is um an adage that’s kind of fun to measure up to each and every year to see how that corn is doing in years that weather isn’t quite. So good, there’s a possibility that you could you know not see it get to that mark but for the most part corn is knee-high by the 4th of July and if you’re anything like us and like tradition this is our opportunity to head to the corn field as a family and snap a picture. So that we can not only see what that corn looked like for the year but also see how our family has changed. So hope you guys have a great rest of your Friday with the holiday weekend, enjoy safe celebration of our country’s freedom and we will check you back next week for another Farm Fact Friday take care.