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How to Make Butter in a Mason Jar

Farm Fact Friday: How to make Homemade Butter from a Mason Jar

July 17, 2023



Hello everyone welcome back to another Farm Fact Friday we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family or and friends or however you spent the day yesterday. I hope you remain in that attitude of gratitude as you head into uh probably a long weekend. So we don’t want to skip a beat with Farm Fact Friday and today I have a guest with me this is my daughter Cora and she had the idea of making homemade butter. We did this earlier in the week and thought it would be something that you may enjoy doing at home with your children or if you don’t have kids in the home anymore this is still a pretty easy recipe that results in delicious butter. So I remember doing this as a kid in elementary, Cora did it last year in her class in first grade and like I said we just did it and had great results. So we hope this is something fun for you to do as well so we’re going to show you this in steps we’ve already made it through a couple of the steps in order to kind of make this a little bit faster of a process but um we’re gonna take it from here.

So we’re gonna make butter in a mason jar and so some of the things that you need: heavy whipping cream, salt and a 1 8 of a teaspoon and water, a mixing bowl, a measuring cup and a spatula. Very good and we’re going to use mason jars, so the first time that we did this we made it in a quart sized jar and filled it half full we can tell you from experience that making butter in this size half full takes um 45 minutes so we’re going to shorten that today but if you are wanting to make it for a larger group or a larger size you could go that route. So our having heavy whipping cream was in the refrigerator so that may be part of the reason why it takes a little bit longer to form. Okay what do we do next, you’re gonna take your heavy whipping cream and pour it half full into your jar. Sorry about that we missed you there but um there are different um fat quantities in your heavy whipping cream so depending on what you’d like you can pick whichever one you’d like and then you can also add salt to it or honey or if you want it a different kind you can just add a different thing into your butter. Yeah so if if you want to get creative you can do that as well but we just added a little bit of salt and we have an eighth of a teaspoon here. If you want to do the big jar then that takes a teaspoon we used a larger amount there. Yep okay so then find your lid and ring we’re gonna screw it on tight and then you start shaking and you can hear it it slaps the side of the jar and over time it will start to form the first stage that it gets to is the wait no whipping cream whipping cream it becomes whipped cream so after Cora does this for about four minutes you don’t have to do it for four minutes it will turn into whipped cream that looks like like that if you stick your finger in it tastes pretty good. Yeah like whipped cream, okay so you keep shaking it keep shaking it it first makes whipped cream and then you shake it some more and that sound will go away when you make the whipped cream and as you keep shaking it you can stop shaking yours as you keep shaking it it turns into yes you’ll hear more of a liquid sound come back and it turns into butter you can see that solid oh you can see the solid forming and it actually gives us buttermilk and this is really good stuff to make cakes. Yes so if you have a cake recipe that calls for buttermilk this is how you get it so you’ll want to keep that off to the side if you want to make a cake or something like that and then what’s left is butter then we just kind of form a ball with our spatula and you’ll know that it’s not done if you can’t um if it’s not hardened and you can’t make a ball out of it then you got to keep shaking. Okay so in our mixing bowl here we have a pat of butter so what Cora is going to do now is basically rinse off, okay that’s good it’s it’s cold water and we’re just rinsing off more of that buttermilk no mom you got to use it with your hands remember. No we’re not gonna use our hands we’re just gonna use this and then I’m gonna dump this out in the sink then we’re gonna put more water and then we’re gonna do one more rinse. Messy demonstrators good thing you’re on that end and not this end okay and we’ll rinse that off. So now we are left with butter and then so yeah so that takes so after you start shaking within four minutes it becomes whipped cream and then within 13 minutes um it becomes butter so those are rough estimates and this is again if you’re using this these size jars.

So then the next test is crack sampling it of course. So you can use this just like you’d use any other butter but we tested it with crackers yesterday really good smooth salty salty she says. CHEERS! Pretty good I think we had another good run in so if you have questions or if we didn’t touch on something let us know but like we said it’s a fun activity. If you have some mason jars some heavy whipping cream add salt or whatever other herbs or sweetness you like and have fun making your butter we would love to hear how it turned out for you guys! With that by golly have a great rest of your Friday a wonderful weekend and we’ll check you back next week for another Farm Fact Friday see ya bye!