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Pizza Made Possible By Farmers

Farm Fact Friday: Pizza Made Possible by Farmers

July 17, 2023




Hello everyone and welcome back to another Farm Fact Friday, I don’t know about you but on Fridays our family likes to do pizza and pizza really comes from the American farmers to make sure that you have everything that you need in order to make a pizza. Now you may think of calling your favorite pizza place maybe hopping around from one pizza place to another each week but today we’re going to show you a very easy pizza dough recipe that you can make with probably all the ingredients that you have in your home and it doesn’t take any yeast so it’s it’s pretty simple. The reason we’re talking about pizza is that three billion pizzas are consumed annually so it’s a huge industry and it’s just one way that farmers help to bring things from farm to table. It really doesn’t take that long to make a pizza at home it’s just making sure that you know how to do that and we’re going to show you that right here. So the first step of course is to get everything that you need.

So we have our mixing bowl and then the first ingredient is flour, so we have a cup and a third a flour and then it takes a teaspoon of baking powder and we’ll do all the dry ingredients first. A half teaspoon of salt. It’s becoming a family pizza making night you have to be quiet while we talk. Tell them how to do this and then we’ll mix that together with our fork. Then we’ll add a half a cup of milk, so as you can see the milk is something that our farmers are gonna provide. The flower would come from wheat so the last thing is three tablespoons of milk. we’re live so we have to keep it quiet okay. So now we’ll mix all of this up and it will bring in the flour with all of the wet ingredients. So you will end up with a dough that then you just let it sit for a little bit five minutes.

So we’ll set that off pretend five minutes has passed by and now we have our dough that is very very sticky so now we need to put flour on it and we knead the flour into the dough. Yep go ahead pour it. So she’s just moving that dough around into and working it into the dough to make pizza dough yep. I’ve got lots of little helpers here tonight okay so buddy can you stop moving the camera thank you. So once we have that all kneaded in then you take a rolling pin cover it in flour and roll it out and then once it’s all rolled out you put it on your baking sheet and the baking sheet you poke holes in it and put it into your oven we pre-bake it for two to three minutes just to make sure that crust starts to get baked before you add on all the toppings and then after that now we have our tomato pizza sauce which is also made from farmers and those that grow tomatoes of course there’s some at the stores. Yeah get it as close to the sides as you can without knocking it off okay. Looks good, set your utensils to the side all right then we’ll add our pepperoni or whatever is your favorite pizza toppings. Mushrooms that’s a good option, what’s your favorite topping pepperoni and salami add vegetables I like my favorite I like cheesy crust with ham I like a meatloaf I like. Okay, I like cheese and pepperoni.

Okay so now we have all of our cheese on of course the cheese is a thank you to our dairy farmers and what they do to raise good cows to give us give us milk and then the last thing that we do is we just add some spices. So we add a little bit of pepper a little bit of garlic powder and a little bit of oregano to the top looks good. Okay just a little bit whoa okay perfect looks good your turn. Okay it looks good all right then our pizza is ready to go in the oven we put it for what does it set put it for 425 and put it in for two minutes and then you take it off put all the toppings on and then you put it back in for 18 to 20 minutes. Yep so 425 at the end after you’ve pre-baked it, after you have all your toppings on then it’s 18 to 20 minutes and once the cheese is brown and the crust looks done it’s ready to eat.

So hopefully if you guys have pizza Fridays like our family does hopefully this is a new option for you to make your own dough put your pizza all together like you like. It is fun it could be a family activity as you can see I had lots of helpers tonight. So with that by golly have a great rest of your Friday a wonderful weekend and we’ll check you back next week for another Farm Fact Friday.