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Findlay Ohio: A Great Place to Work & Play

June 20, 2019


A little reflection

As I sit in my newly remodeled office space near Downtown Findlay, I can’t think of a better city for our office location. Findlay Ohio was named the top Micropolitan City for the 5th year in row just a few days ago!  This award can’t be summed up in a blog post or magazine article. It truly takes the entire community working together to be the best 24/7 for the entire year.  There are so many people that make Findlay Ohio great:

  • Mayor’s office
  • Economic Development office
  • All of the Findlay City Department staff members
  • County Commissioners
  • Small business owners
  • Large corporations
  • Local educators
  • Non-profit organizations
  • All of the residents of this community

A quick glimpse of Findlay Ohio

Our economic development office CEO Tim Mayle summed it best in a recent article. He states, “What sets Findlay apart is our ability to collaborate within the community to solve problems. We have the ability in Findlay to pull everybody together.”  Collaboration moves our city forward, and the entire population benefits from Findlay’s successes.

While a lot of places around the U.S. may be struggling, I recommend taking a walk-through downtown Findlay on a warm summer evening. The city is vibrant. Many small businesses line the streets. You can likely find something that fits your style.  Whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience at the Bistro on Main, Rossilli’s, The Gathering, or Mancy’s, or prefer a more laid-back option such as Logan’s Irish Pub, Legends H-D Lounge, or Fireside Brick Oven Pub and Grill, the options are here!

There is more to downtown than just restaurants. Shopping boutiques, non-profit organizations, fitness studios, appliance retailers, hotels, professional services offices, real-estate offices, auto dealerships, and corporations such as Marathon Petroleum occupy our downtown as well.

Contributions go beyond the city limits

Although I’ve highlighted some of our friends downtown, the entire population that resides in Hancock County needs to be thanked.  Our agriculture community plays a huge role in the communities of Hancock County. Whether they’re growing crops on 120 acres or have a large operation farming 5000 + acres, they’re a huge asset to everyone.  After all, they’re putting food on the plates of our local community, our state, and our nation.  Our agency greatly thanks each and every one of you for your hard, selfless work!

We appreciate what you do

A heartfelt thank you to every manufacturer, distributor, small business owner, contractor, farmer, employee, & resident of Findlay and Hancock County Ohio.  Cheers to another great year! The entire population can be proud of what is happening in Hancock County!

Hitchings Insurance Agency has so much support from small businesses, farmers, and residents of this great area. We thank you for your continued support of our agency. Our brand story has always been customer-focused and people-centric. We love being there for our clients and helping them in their time of need. If you have a couple minutes, explore our brand story and learn about our promises to our clients.