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good vs bad property photos to send to your agent

Good vs. Bad Property Photos to Send to Your Agent

October 20, 2022


When securing home insurance, there are several things to review to ensure that the coverage is proper. It can be overwhelming without a helpful insurance agent! Here is something simple that you can provide to help the process move along…property photos. While there is the option for us to come out and get the photos for you, it may be just as easy for you to provide them thanks to the capabilities of our phones.

How to Capture Good Property Photos

Here are some examples and tips to ensure your photos are perfect from the start!

The property photos on the left side are examples that are not helpful to your agent. However, the right side shows perfect photos, which your agent will need to allow the process to move to the next step.

Here are reasons why the left-side photos won’t work:

  • You cannot see the roof.
  • Only one side of the home is showing.
  • The picture is taken too close to the structure.

Here are reasons why the right-side photos are perfect!

  • There is a full view from top to bottom of the home, including visibility of the roof.
  • 2 sides of the home are visible in a single photo.
By taking a few steps back you can go from a less desirable photo that cuts off the roof and doesn’t include the corner of the home (left) to a photo that captures the home from foundation to roof line with 2 sides of the home in clear view (right)!
The photo on the left is just too close for complete visualization of the back of the home. The photo of the right gets the foundation to the roofline, which is what is needed!
Your agent can zoom into photos if needed, but it is better to include a wider view than a close-up! The difference is clear.
The left photo here does not completely show the railing or steps, which would require retakes!

Your insurance agent may have additional requirements, but this is a great place to start. Be sure to submit 4 photos similar to the good examples above. In most instances, it is as simple as taking a few steps back to capture the entire image that your agent needs.

Submitting Photos

We hope you find this helpful. This is just one example of how we try to make the insurance experience a little easier for those we work with each day.

If you are ready to submit your photos to us, you can text them to 419-423-9145, email info@hitchingsinsurance.com or reply to the email from the agent you have been working with at our agency for your quote.

If we are not currently working on a quote for you but you are interested in us taking a look at your insurance, start below by submitting a quick form and we will be in touch soon.