Time is Valuable: Lean on a Health Insurance Agent

There is no doubt about it! Health insurance can be confusing. Understanding coverages and knowing what is right for your particular situation can take a long time to figure out! Not to mention when you are actually eligible to elect a plan. Working with a health insurance agent is worth at least considering.

How can a health insurance agent help?

Explain the available options for your situation.

Asking the right questions helps narrow down what health insurance plans are even an option. Being self-employed opens up a door to certain plans. Losing coverage starts the clock for when new coverage has to be selected. As time gets closer to your 65th birthday, review of lifestyle and medications provides insight to what’s best. And the list goes on and on…

Address issues with the carrier related to the policy.

Sometimes there are problems that need to get ironed out. Maybe the billing doesn’t make sense. Letters arrive in the mail and you can’t make heads or tails of it. It could even be incorrect demographic information causing rejection of a claim that should be paid.

The list of assisting with issues is quite extensive. Part of a health insurance agent is being an intermediary and knowing what to say (due to familiarity) and who to contact in order to get it handled.

Here is just one example:

A customer called stating his daughter was at the doctor’s office and her insurance card was not working. A temporary insurance card showing proof of coverage was provided from the active policy. However, it still wouldn’t work.

A series of phone calls took place. It was discovered that the enrollment for the customer’s wife and daughter was not processed correctly. The billing was correct, but the enrollment was not.

Clearly, this was a headache for our customer. No need to increase frustrations though. They called us and we were able to rectify it for them!

Review and submit paperwork

Assisting with an address change. Updating annual income. Checking prescription plans annually. Resubmitting claims. Straightening out billing.

All of these are requests received on a regular basis from our customers. Dreaded paperwork for you, right? We will assist in taking care of it.

You can take it one step farther, too! We verify the information submitted is correct. Prior to submitting a claim recently, it was identified that the information on a certified document was incorrect. Ultimately, it would have resulted in a denied claim for the customer.

It’s nice to have someone in your corner!

Time is of the essence for most people. Building a relationship with an independent insurance professional can help in so many ways for no added cost!

A health insurance policy costs the same whether you work with a professional or muddle through it on your own! There is certainly value in having a knowledgeable person in your corner if an issue arises.

We would enjoy the opportunity to get to know you! Our promise is to make the process as easy as possible and our customers are our top priority. Click on the link below to get the conversation started!