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Home Fire Insurance: Are Electrical Fires Covered?

May 8, 2023


Fires are devastating. They are deadly, destructive, and can spread extremely fast. For homeowners, their property catching fire is probably among the top 5 worst fears. When a fire occurs in a residence, it can double in size in seconds. Raging out of control and consuming a space with extreme heat and toxic, choking smoke. Fires can occur for many reasons, and among those many reasons are “electrical.” That is why we want to inform you about “fire insurance for home.”

Electrical fires are one of the most common, if not the most common causes of residential fires. They can start from the smallest malfunction of any household appliance or extension cord. Standard home insurance may cover fires, but will it cover electrical fires?

The answer, in short, is yes. Your property insurance will generally cover all sources of fire. This includes:

  • the physical dwelling itself
  • the contents of your home
  • any additional living expenses needed to carry on life while your home is being restored/ repaired after an electrical fire

What is an electrical fire?

Among the top three causes of residential fires, two “electrical-sourced” causes are listed: heating equipment and faulty wiring. Essentially, electrical fires are a type of fire that is caused due to an electrical fault, failure, or simply a malfunction. Fires like these occur if an electrical current flows through a circuit and produces heat that is not adequately dissipated. This heat can build up and ignite nearby combustible materials, like wood chairs and tables, furniture, carpets, and curtains.

There are numerous causes of electrical fires. The most common ones are as follows:

  • Old/damaged wiring: Worn-out/damaged wiring may cause electrical arcing, which has the potential to cause enough heat to ignite nearby materials.
  • Overloaded circuitry: When too many devices are connected to one circuit, the circuit can overheat and cause nearby materials to ignite.
  • Lightning strikes: Although rare, lightning strikes can cause a massive surge of electricity that has the potential to overload electrical circuits and start a fire.
  • Faulty appliances: Faulty appliances that are old/inadequately maintained can develop issues that may result in fires.
  • Human error: Human error is always ranked high when it comes to reasons for claims. Human error can include things like improperly installed wiring, poor use of electrical devices, and simply not following manufacturer instructions.

Noting what causes electrical fires is a good first step to mitigating them. Following proper electrical safety practices, having appliances and systems maintained regularly can ensure that the odds of a fire occurring are relatively low.

How does home insurance cover electrical fire damage?

Standard home insurance policies will cover two types of fire damage. Those are structural damage and personal property damage. The former covers damage to your home’s physical structure, like the roof, foundation, and walls, whereas the latter covers damage to your furniture, electronics, and clothing.

Home insurance policies may offer coverage for replacing or repairing what was lost, up until your policy’s limit. Home insurance policies may also offer coverage for additional living expenses if you were forced out of your home temporarily while repairs are being made or your home is temporarily unliveable.

Remember that some causes of fire damage may never be covered, such as fire damage due to intentional acts, nuclear hazards, war, or other excluded perils. Review your policy and coverage limits with an insurance agent to ensure you have the right coverage. Ask about what your policy would cover if an electrical fire did occur, and if your coverage would be enough to repair or replace everything in your home as it stands today.

Most incidental causes of fire, including electrical, are covered by home insurance. Your home insurance will help restore you back to your pre-loss status.

That all being said, we highly recommend taking the necessary steps to prevent electrical fire damage in the first place, to spare yourself some of the heartache. In fact, our next point might be just the thing to give you and your household members peace-of-mind!

Ting: Ohio Mutual’s New Electrical Fire Sensor & App

One of Hitchings Insurance’s major partners, Ohio Mutual Insurance Group, has created Ting Protection, a plug-in smart sensor that continuously monitors your home for hazards that could result in an electrical fire. For qualifying members of Ohio Mutual, Ting is available free of charge.

Once you receive your Ting monitor system in the mail, you can easily install it and download the Ting app to your phone so you can remain connected to the app and stay aware of any hazardous ongoings in your home, 24/7! Ting also offers a complimentary $1,000 service credit for repairs if a hazard ends up being detected in your home. If remediation is required, you will receive step-by-step instructions from a professional at Ting.

Click the link to learn more about Ting and how it can mitigate the threat of electrical fires to your home, keeping you, your loved ones, and your assets safe.

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