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Invest In Farm Pollution Insurance To Protect Your Harvest

Invest In Farm Pollution Insurance To Protect Your Harvest

February 28, 2024


Hitchings Insurance might know a thing or two about protecting your land and livestock, but there is a hidden risk on every farm – the potential for accidental environmental harm. We are talking spills, leaks, runoff, overspray, and other accidents that can cause issues far beyond your property line. And that’s where farm pollution liability insurance comes in, a tool to help your farm from dealing with financial burdens when an accident like this occurs.

So, what exactly is pollution liability insurance?

Pollution liability insurance acts as a safety net for accidents that are bound to occur. It is in place to cover legal and financial expenses associated with accidental pollution incidents. This could include cleanup costs, fines, lawsuits, etc.

Now, why do you need this coverage in your corner?

Simple – because accidents happen. Even the most vigilant farmer can experience equipment malfunctions, weather mishaps, or even accidental spills. And the consequences can be hefty. Fines for environmental violations can run into the six-figure range, and cleanup costs can drain your resources.

What does it actually cover?

The specifics will vary depending on your individual policy, but generally, pollution liability insurance can help with:

  • Cleanup costs: From neutralizing spilled chemicals to restoring contaminated soil, your insurance can shoulder the burden of clearing up the mess.
  • Legal defense: Are you facing a lawsuit due to a pollution incident? Your insurance can cover legal fees and settlements.
  • Regulatory compliance: Do you need to comply with government regulations after a spill? Your insurance can help navigate the murky waters of environmental reporting and remediation.
  • Third-party property damage: Did your farm accidentally damage a neighbor’s land or crops? Your insurance can step in to compensate them.

But wait, is this something I actually need?

While not always mandatory, pollution liability insurance is highly recommended for any farm that uses:

  • Fertilizers or pesticides: Accidental spills or runoff can contaminate water sources and harm wildlife.
  • Livestock: Manure management can pose risks of groundwater contamination if not handled properly.
  • Industrial machinery: Equipment malfunctions or leaks can lead to oil or fuel spills.
  • Storage tanks: Leaks or ruptures can release harmful chemicals into the environment.

So, how much does this peace of mind cost?

Like any insurance, the price tag for pollution liability coverage depends on several factors, including the size and type of your farm, your risk profile, and the level of coverage you choose. For example, a farm policy with pollution liability coverage costs $41, where each occurrence has a sublimit of $500,000. The coverage could apply in the event a field is sprayed and water runs chemicals into the water.

Ultimately, pollution liability insurance is an investment in your farm’s future.

It is reassurance, knowing that even if the unexpected happens, your livelihood and legacy are protected. At Hitchings Insurance, we understand the unique challenges farmers face, and we are here to help you choose the right pollution liability coverage to shield your farm from storms both literal and environmental. So, let’s chat and make sure your land and legacy are weatherproofed for generations to come.