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Meet Our Newest Teammate – Sarah Moyer

June 20, 2019


Sarah is one of our outstanding customer service representatives. She answers the phone, handles payments, fields questions and calls all of our customers on their birthday!

Sarah joined our team in June, so we thought it would be nice for you to learn a little more about her and who she is outside of Hitchings Insurance.

Tell us a little bit about your family.

My family consists of my husband Nathan, our two sons Isaiah (9) and Elijah (5) and our three kitties: “Chic” Harley, “Pepper” Johnson, and Mike “Nuge” Nugent. Go Bucks!

What are some of your special talents?

I’m a creative person and I love details. I love to scrapbook. I’m the budget nerd in our family; I’m a big fan of multi-tab spreadsheets. My biggest passion is portrait photography.

What is your favorite drink?

Dr. Pepper but most of the time you’ll find me drinking water from my big gray jug!

What would be the ideal way to spend your weekend?

A Saturday with nothing to do: lying around the house with the family and a Sunday filled with church and more family time. Most weekends I’m running between baseball games, kid’s events, and photography sessions with a little Jesus in there to keep me balanced.

What are some small things that make your day better?

I love to know that what I’m doing matters and is helping others. My day is made by seeing the results of my efforts, knowing that it made someone else’s day better, or even as simple as a hug and “thanks mom” from my boys.

What is the most heartwarming thing you’ve ever experienced?

I’ve had some amazing moments (far too many to recount)! A few that really stick out include:

  • 2007 when our home flooded…
    • Our church family cancelled a retreat weekend to be there in support.
    • My husband’s co-worker took us in as house guests for months.
  • Discovery of a new therapy option for our son, who has autism…
    • The initial intake cost was more than we could afford and someone anonymously paid it.
    • He has experienced so much growth from that one act of kindness.
  • Sharing our story of autism and the community embracing us and showering us with love.
  • The time my youngest got a gumball when his brother didn’t. The next day he asked if he can use his money to make sure his brother got one the next time.

I’m getting goosebumps just thinking back over these moments!

What do you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

Work in the service industry. Seriously! My first job was in fast food and if you’ve never worked in fast food or another service industry, it’s hard to really appreciate how much effort it takes to make every customer happy all the time. Be nice to your service people no matter what!

What have you enjoyed most since you have been with us at Hitchings Insurance?

The family atmosphere and importance placed on taking care of employees. I feel like I’m part of an extended family. Everyone supports each other to take care of each customer appropriately.

What quote/saying do you live by?

I get a little excited and boisterous from time to time so I try to keep in mind James 1:19 – My dear friends, you should be quick to listen and slow to speak or to get angry.

What inspires you?

My boys. Not a day goes by when I don’t look at my oldest in awe as he struggles with autism and how to be “normal” in our ever-changing strange world. He works hard to be his very best and do all that is expected of him! He does this all despite it going against what is natural for him.

I’m also inspired by our youngest. When asked if he retaliated against a boy that was picking on him, he responded with “No, God does that. I heard that in my devotional.”

I just pray they will continue to inspire, not only me, but the world around them as they grow.

Hopefully now you feel a little more connected to Sarah! Next time you are in the office, she will be there to greet you. Otherwise, you can look forward to hearing from her on your birthday!