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New Drivers License When Do We Add Insurance

New Driver’s License: When Do We Add Insurance?

June 20, 2019


How is this possible? Your baby is turning 15 1/2 and ready to get a permit to drive. The next six months will probably include Driver’s Ed and driving with an instructor. Not to mention all the time you personally will spend teaching your teenager how to be a cautious, non-distracted, defensive driver. Do you feel like you are in a whirlwind about her getting a new driver’s license?

  • Where in the heck did the last 15 years go?
  • When can she get her permit?
  • What has to be done before turning 16 to get a new driver’s license?
    • Does she register for the class herself?
    • Does she get set up with a driving instructor after finishing the class?
    • How much does it cost?

The list is probably much, much longer than this and probably includes some questions about insurance. Let’s talk about insurance as it relates to a newly licensed driver!

My daughter just got her permit, but does not have a new driver’s license yet. Can I add her to our auto insurance policy?

Your daughter actually does NOT get added to your policy until she is a licensed driver. While she has her permit, she is allowed to drive the vehicles on the policy with your permission. Coverage extends to her if something were to happen when she is driving the vehicle.

It would be a great idea to call your independent insurance agency and provide background information about your daughter after she gets her permit. This would include such things as name, date of birth, license number and social security number. Then, when she officially becomes licensed, everything is securely on file to make the change with just a quick phone call or text.

My daughter is a good student. Are there discounts?

There are insurance carriers that recognize good students and offer a discount. In order to receive this discount, a GPA of 3.00 has to be maintained. Proof has to be provided in the form of a transcript or grade card to send to the insurance carrier. It pays to be a good student! Way to go!

Why did my insurance rates go up when I added my daughter, who has a new driver’s license?

Collectively, teen drivers are more likely to have accidents and therefore, file more claims. Consequently, the risks associated with insuring a teen driver are higher. With insurance, covering higher risk is reflected by higher insurance premiums.

How can an independent insurance agency help me find the lowest rates?

An independent insurance agency has the ability to work with several insurance carriers to find you the best coverage at the best price. Unlike a captive agency, we aren’t just working with one company. There is no sense in you wasting your time shopping for the best rate when we can do the leg work for you! We promise to make all the steps of the insurance process as easy for you as possible! Let us do the work to figure out your options, so you can make a decision.

Vehicle shopping has begun. Can you give me an idea of what the rates will be by adding a particular vehicle to our policy?

The type of vehicle you get for your teen is very important. Keep this in mind if you are looking for a vehicle. If you have the year, make and model of the vehicle, we can provide a ball-park figure. However, if you test drive a vehicle and get the VIN off of it, a more accurate rate is possible.

We understand the teenage years can be challenging. There is probably some excitement, but hesitation, about your daughter reaching another milestone and becoming more independent. We celebrate and empathize with you! As parents, we want to keep our children protected in the best possible way. Letting go a little more is certainly hard. Let us help you make sure if anything happens, you can focus more on taking care of your child than worrying about the condition of the vehicle. Getting started is easy. Fill out this quick form and you will be on your way to an auto quote.