Photography: Protecting Captured Memories

Protecting captured memories

Close your eyes and imagine with me for a moment. You show up to your next big photography job, settle in and grab your favorite tool. You know. The one you’ve spent thousands of dollars on. That same tool you have regularly maintained to keep in top shape. Ready to take on the day of wedding bliss ahead, you trip on the rug and fall flat on your face.

The important photography tool

That photography tool, which plays a vital role of not only your day but that of the bride and groom waiting anxiously to walk the aisle, clunks on the floor. If we are talking about your favorite light meter, you pick yourself up and go on about your day. However, for most of us, that prized tool is none other than the digital camera and expensive flash attached.

Let us continue. After a couple test shots, everything appears to be working okay. You move on, expecting to be a little extra sore tonight from the fall. The day goes beautifully – the bride was blushing, the groom cried, perfect lighting and the flower girl even winked at you.

All is fine until…

After a fun evening celebrating, you wish the new couple well with a promise to send them a couple of images in a few days.

Back in the office you pull cards from your cameras and sit down to gush over the efforts of your long day. Only you find your memory card will not open. ERROR is all it says. Now what? Pray the second shooter captured it all? Maybe tech support can help?

In all reality, this could happen on any photography shoot – a commencement ceremony, a first birthday cake smash, little league photo day. With the intricate details digital cameras now possess, there are any number of errors that could happen – even without an outside influence.

Have you left yourself exposed?

These errors can leave you exposed! Covering the cost of repairs or a new camera can be pricing. You cannot forget the liability of an unfulfilled contract. Would you be able to afford to purchase a new camera in a pinch? What happens when that blushing bride decides to sue you?

Insert insurance. Just like your auto insurance covers your autos and your home insurance covers your home. Business insurance covers your photography equipment, unanticipated data losses, and the liability associated with doing business protecting you in these unfortunate times.

This begs the question…Are you protected?

Don’t take on another assignment without it. You are capturing precious memories that may only happen once in a lifetime. Our insurance professionals are here to help make protecting your craft as easy as possible.

Insurance Professional AND Photographer - Sarah Moyer
Thank you to Sarah for providing the information in this blog. Not only is Sarah an insurance professional at our agency, she is also a photographer!