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yellow flower growing through rocks

Positive Impact: Even in Difficult Times

March 23, 2020


There is no doubt we are faced with difficult times throughout the course of life. Some individuals and families may experience more challenging times than others. From time to time, we have to get through situations as a larger group. A city dealing with the aftermath of a storm or a devastating shooting come to mind. Rarely are we hit with a pandemic that affects every single individual, organization and business within the world. While these are tough situations to swallow, the opportunity to make a positive impact has never been so important.

Here and Now

We are all living through an unimaginable crisis. While some are still ignoring the recommendations of social distancing, others are making adjustments to their day to day in hopes of getting through scot free.

To many. it may feel like a ton of stones have been dumped on top of our already busy lives. Are you wondering how we can possibly make it out of this mess?

Everywhere we turn Covid-19 is the topic of discussion.

Newspaper. TV. Social Media. Conversations. All of them centered around talk about the virus.

Only to leave us with an overwhelming amount of feelings: Negativity. Worry. Anxiety. Boredom. Isolation.

The amount of coverage and the feelings associated are understandable. Everyone wants the latest information with confirmations of hope that the community in which you live hasn’t been affected yet.

So much to consume. What is fact? What is fiction? It’s really hard to tell.

Each new post or news report may feel like another rock getting thrown on top. At this point, it may feel impossible to make your way back up to the top out of all the rubble.

What if we each took a step back, a deep breath and focused on the positive? We would be like this flower that found its way through those heavy, impeding rocks. The rocks certainly didn’t move aside for the flower to show it’s beautiful yellow color. Instead, the flower did what it needed to do when faced with a difficult path in order to bloom.

There are so many beautiful flowers among us!

We know we are surrounded by many beautiful flowers. Let’s show the world our gorgeous bouquet!

It’s best to follow the instructions we have been given for social distancing and staying home. Let’s not look at this as a limitation.  Instead, let’s make a positive impact even during these difficult times!

Making a Positive Impact


  • Make school work as fun as possible.
  • Teach life skills…cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes.
  • Do a fun craft.
  • Write letters to family and friends.
  • Create a fun dance or family handshake.
  • Play outside and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Organize one closet at a time.
  • Bag unused clothes and toys up to donate to someone in need.
  • FaceTime with family and friends.
  • Brainstorm a 2 minute story or message and video it to share with others.
  • Play board games.
  • Look through photo albums or photos online.


  • Your customers need you right now! Continue business as usual with a smile on your face.
  • Consistency is key! Continue your office routines (sales meetings, support huddles, etc.).
  • Work remotely, if/where possible.
  • Meet through video conferencing.
  • When conversations about the virus come up (which they will), be as positive as possible. Make sure if you are providing information, it comes from reputable sources.
  • Laughter is good medicine. Communicate with each other through chat throughout the work day.
  • Make time for brain breaks, a quick exercise or healthy snack. Kids aren’t the only ones that need this!
  • Team up to complete projects! Keep your 6 foot distance though. 


  • Set up virtual play dates or socials.
  • Share positive posts on social media. Don’t put another rock on the pile!
  • Send encouraging text messages.
  • Check in to see how they are doing.
  • Bake cookies at your house and leave them at their doorstep.


  • Support local businesses.
    • Buy take out or get carry out.
    • Purchase gift cards.
    • Share their page on social media.
    • Leave a Google review or Facebook recommendation.
  • Check on your neighbors.
  • Do your part!
    • Stay home.
    • Don’t be a hoarder at the grocery store.
    • Wash your hands.
    • Cover your cough.

When faced with situations like this, we have 2 options. We can moan, groan and complain OR we can rise above and show our true colors.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.” – Mary Engelbreit

Stay well!