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Protecting Your Farmhouse With Confidence

Protecting Your Farmhouse With Confidence

February 8, 2024


Living on a farm comes with brisk-filled mornings, rooster’s crow as your alarm clock and the beautiful aspects of nature surrounding your home. Life on the farm is more than a job, it’s a way of life. There comes a heavy responsibility…protecting your generational legacy and the place where it all starts – your farmhouse.

Ensuring The Heart of Your Farm Is Protected

  • Dwelling coverage: Whether it’s been generational passed down with charming older features or a newly renovated showstopper. Both are the heart of a farm, where meals are prepared, crowds gather, late night laughter is cherished and much more. Making sure there is proper coverage can help you stay protected from the elements you can’t control. Detailed questions at the start of the process are essential in making sure every nick and craney are accounted for and covered. 
  • Personal property: From treasured heirlooms to well-worn boots, your belongings tell the story of your life. There is coverage that extends to these cherished possessions. We know there is no value that can replace the memories. Buut this coverage can provide you with financial peace of mind when it comes to replacing them.  
  • Liability protection: Accidents happen, even on the most well-managed farms. From livestock getting loose and causing an accident, to a farmhand getting injured on the job, both need proper coverage to provide a safety net. Liability coverage provides you with peace of mind, protecting you from financial repercussions if someone gets injured on your property. 


Hitchings Insurance understands how important these and other coverages are. We’re not just here to sell policies; we’re here to be your neighbor, pulling up a chair at the kitchen table and helping you build a unique plan for you and your assets.  Providing you with a comprehensive farmhouse insurance plan, that makes sure the heart of the farm is protected. 

You won’t get stuck in an automated maze; we are just one phone call away. Contact us today to get the process started. This aids in making sure your farmhouse insurance plan is as strong as the generational roots behind the operation.

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