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Rural Roots, Rural Risks: Why Your Farm Insurance Needs to be Understood

February 8, 2024


Rural farm insurance may seem like a simple term to most. But when it comes to the insurance world, details are key. There’s a difference between tending to a small coop within city limits compared to someone with lots of acreage and bigger herds. These differences are key when insuring your operation. Your “rural” farm is unique to you and your insurance coverage should be too.

That being said, lets dive a little deeper into why no one should settle for any old farm insurance policy. There is importance of working with an agent who can talk the talk and understands your wants and needs. Let’s think about your farm. Are you located within city limits with a small flock to supply you with eggs? Or are you out in the boondocks with lots of acreage supply your local butcher with meat? Let’s breakdown certain risks you may face depending on what category you fall under.

Risks Associate with Your Specific Operation

Miles From Emergency Services:

For those that are operating miles from the city could be faced with not getting quick enough access to emergency services. This could be a major concern if you have a sick animal, or someone hurt on the farm. Specialized policies can include extended response times and veterinary telehealth coverage, ensuring your animals (and your livelihood) aren’t left high and dry.

Weather Related Disasters:

Unfortunately, weather is unpredicted and when operating a farm, sometimes you are left empty handed on what you can do! Whether it’s a big rainstorm or maybe its weeks of drought, you deserve to feel at ease when dealt a situation that’s out of your control. Crop Insurance is tailored to your specific location, crop type, and market fluctuations, which is crucial to weathering the storm (literally!).

Wildlife Threats:

Rural living comes with its fair share of furry (and feathery) friends. But when coyotes become livestock predators, or deer turn your cornfield into a buffet, traditional property insurance might not cover the losses. Losing your animals can be emotionally devastating. But making sure you have additional wildlife coverage can put you at ease of mind when thinking about replacement costs.

Farm Equipment Breakdown:

Whether you are starting your own farm from the ground up or inheriting a generational farm, the equipment is essential to stay up and running. Their breakdown can lead to weeks or even months of your operation put on a halt. From combine harvesters, to tractors, and everything in between, all are expensive beasts. A breakdown can lead to even more expenses. Specialized breakdown coverage can keep your wheels turning and your bills paid, even when your machinery has an unexpected breakdown.

Employee Workers Compensation:

Working on a farm takes lots of hands to keep the operation running smoothly. But it also comes with higher risk of injury occurring then your normal desk job! Making sure the proper coverage is in place for your employees if someone where to get hurt is essential. This helps make sure they are taken care of and you and yours are protected.


Your legacy should matter to your insurance agent and you deserve a policy that is unique to your operation. Not just a one-size fits all farm insurance policy. We understand the unique rhythm of rural life, the way the seasons dictate your decisions and the land shapes your values. That’s why we offer rural farm insurance plans that are as diverse as the crops you grow. We can’t wait to learn more about your rural farm and the things you value the most.

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