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Swimming Pool Contractor Coverage

Swimming Pool Contractor Coverage

February 4, 2021


Turning your customer’s back yard oasis dreams into reality is why you do what you do as a swimming pool contractor. There is nothing better than seeing the faces of your customers and their children when they get to do the first cannon ball into the brand new, custom created and installed pool.

Creating joy for your customers is the reward of your profession! Consider the associated liabilities and risks that need to be covered with a swimming pool contractor insurance plan.

We will break down some of the important insurance items you should consider right here.

Exclusions in Swimming Pool Contractor Coverage

Beware! Pool installer insurance coverages are not created equal. Did you know that almost all of these polices exclude diving board and waterslide installs?  Are you a swimming pool contractor who installs diving boards and/or waterslides? If you answered yes, take a deep dive into your policy, and see if this exclusion exists. Keep in mind this could also apply to contractors who do the following: service, maintenance, repair, or install. If bodily injury or property damage that arises out of your work occurs, it could be excluded. Certainly not ideal!

This coverage exclusion can be removed. Instead, an endorsement can be added to give you coverage for these services. We specifically have designed a specialized insurance plan to give this coverage back to you!

Pool “Pop Up” Coverage

Are you a contractor that specializes in fiberglass pool installations? One concern is “pop up” coverage, but what is it? Pop-up means an elevation of a swimming pool due to a high-water table. It is placed on these operations to provide coverage if the pool shifts after installation, requiring a repair.

Transportation Floater

Are you a pool installation contractor that picks up pools directly from the manufacturer with your own trucks? This can help save on freight costs or maybe even increase efficiencies in your business. Whatever the reason, transporting the materials just makes sense for your operation.

Did you know as soon as you take possession of the pool, it is your responsibility? You have to cover the cost if anything happens to it. Endorsement on your pool insurance plan to cover the pools (or any materials/equipment) while being transported is important.

It will be excluded from your business personal property coverage. Why? Because it is more than 1000 feet from your main business location. The floater can be added using a blanket limit of coverage. This will float year-round to cover the exposure every time you transport an item. Consider these transportation situations:

  • Your shop to a jobsite.
  • Manufacturer to your shop.
  • Jobsite to jobsite and everything in between.

Generally, this addition to your plan is an inexpensive option. Evaluation and consideration by an insurance agent with knowledge of your business is important.

Installation Floater

Now, what happens after delivery of materials to a jobsite? The pool equipment and materials have been transported. Everything is more than 1000 feet from your shop location. The proper way to cover the items is to add a blanket installation floater that covers this exposure year-round. This coverage is for uninstalled materials. Protection extends to anything left at a jobsite or location away from your main business location. Think about the situation of a tornado, straight line winds, vandalism, or theft happening to the items. Ask yourself…can you afford to pay for these items twice?

We look forward to working with you on your swimming pool contractor coverage!

It is great that you found our Insurance Agency. The good news is we have built a customized insurance plan for the swimming pool contractor, the distributors, the retail operations, and anything in between for the pool industry. Reach out to see if we can help you today