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Farm Fact Friday: Grid Soil Sampling

We rode along as Dan Volkman from Legacy Farmers Cooperative took soil samples from a recently combined bean field in Arcadia, Ohio and explained many details about grid soil sampling! The information soil sampling can provide is helpful to [...]

Farmers Market: Proper Risk Management

  It's finally summertime! We have waited all winter long for warmer temperatures. Well, they are certainly here, which means it's growing season. The local farmers market will be opening soon, if it hasn't already! You can probably taste [...]

Farm Fact Friday Alvada Bison Ranch

We went on location to Alvada Bison Ranch to talk to owner, Levi Smith, about his farm operation. We enjoyed our time learning more about bison. After watching, we hope you learn something, too. https://youtu.be/fH3hqUXuQVY P.S. We have a [...]