Distributor Insurance

for Dealers of Tires, Parts, & Aftermarket Accessories

Automotive part distributors, whether they’re dealers of tires, parts, or aftermarket accessories help power our automobiles. They may use heavy machinery to manufacture or distribute their parts and they often deal with expensive equipment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw this industry take a serious hit, resulting in a shortage of automotive parts – but they’ve only come back stronger. We need this industry to stay strong and protect their bottom line with comprehensive insurance.

Enter Hitchings Insurance. We help automotive distributors, part wholesalers, tire dealers, aftermarket accessory retail stores find the comprehensive insurance that they need to protect their own. Insurance may not necessarily be mandatory, but for this line of work it’s highly recommended given the expensive nature of the equipment these businesses are regularly dealing with – not to mention the hazardous materials, the risk of injury to employees and clients, and so on. Your business means the world to you, and it does an important job. Get affordable insurance with Hitchings Insurance by starting with a free, no-obligation quote.

What is Automotive Part Distributor Insurance?

Every business is unique. For automotive part distributors, their insurance coverage needs to be generated to fit accordingly with the way that they operate. Provided the assumption that your warehouse or retail store operates within the United States, it is likely that insurance is not a requirement for your line of work. Hitchings Insurance highly recommends insurance regardless; insurance as a distributor of automotive parts can help to protect numerous aspects of your operations, including your physical warehouse, your business’ liability, your employees, the products you manufacture and sell, and so forth. More than anything else, insurance gives you the peace-of-mind you need to operate without worrying about what ifs. Business is a lot simpler when you don’t have to be double, triple, and quadruple-checking every single molecule of your business in fear that you might be exposed.

Automotive part distributor insurance functions as part of an all-encompassing risk management package. It may contain the following insurance coverage(s):

Commercial General Liability Insurance

This coverage is designed to protect your distributor business against third-party claims which allege injury or property damage.

Commercial Property Insurance

If your business operates out of a physical presence, such as a warehouse, this insurance will cover its physical structure as well as any contents.

Tools & Equipment Insurance

Your business likely uses a score of different equipment and tools to manufacture or distribute its parts. This insurance covers these items from damages and helps you repair or replace them so you can continue business as usual.

Inland Marine Insurance

This insurance coverages your moveable property while it’s being transported or off premises. This is imperative for a distributor company.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Similar to tools and equipment insurance, this insurance covers your tools and equipment but from internal perils rather than external – such as if they short-circuit, give out, or breakdown.

These are just a few examples of what may be of benefit to your as an automotive part distributor.

Work with a Hitchings Insurance agent to determine the right fit for you.

Does my Automotive Part Distributor Insurance Cover Product Recall?

If you had purchased product recall insurance, yes. Product recall insurance is a special kind of insurance policy that is designed to cover company’s finances and reputation in the event that they must recall a product. It covers the costs for delivering products back to the company warehouse, demolishing the product, costs to notify their consumers, and reputational healing.

Product liability is also a coverage that goes hand-in-hand with product recall. It protects the business from any costs associated with injuries, illness, or property damage that their products might cause. It may also cover legal costs if the product malfunction results in a lawsuit.

How Much Does Automotive Part Distributor Insurance Cost?

Costs for your insurance policy will range depending on your business. A small to mid-sized business may pay anywhere between $500/year to $1,500/year or more, depending on how they operate and what they do.

Here are some variables which may or may not impact your costs:

  • Your business experience – years in business, reputation history, and past lawsuits
  • Your industry
  • What you do
  • Employees
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Your business property – where it’s located, and how big
  • The equipment and tools you use
  • Your insurance history – claims
  • Coverage types and limits

If you want an accurate estimate of how much you might pay for your insurance, start with a quote. Hitchings Insurance offers theirs for free.

Get a Free Automotive Part Distributor Insurance Quote

Hitchings Insurance is dedicated to community. It’s part of our mission that we uphold our status as “the good neighbor” and give back to our automotive distributors by helping them obtain the comprehensive coverage they need to work worry-free. We believe insurance is an integral part of a risk management strategy and you simply cannot do without it.

We’re in your corner during your time of need. We understand that a loss can be difficult, and it’s often a stressful time for everyone involved. This business is your hard work after all, and we’d be remiss if something were to happen to it. We go beyond getting you quality coverage. We do our best to treat everyone of our clients with the same dignity and respect that they deserve, and we always strive to make a different in the lives of our hardworking business owners. Part of our goal is helping you get comprehensive automotive part distributor insurance.

The difference is in our investment in the surrounding community. We help you get personalized insurance coverage for affordable prices. Begin today on your free automotive part distributor insurance quote with Hitchings Insurance when you need it.