Business Insurance

for Manufacturers

Manufacturing raw goods into finished materials is a task that not just any business can do. Your business, which likely utilizes a lot of expensive machinery, is a critical component of the production and supply chain. You likely partner with several different businesses to get your goods funneled through the economy, meaning you’re dealing with customers everyday – from huge, international businesses to smaller Mom and Pop shops.

Manufacturing businesses are faced with a unique level of risk since they not only deal with a lot of expensive machinery to manufacture their products, but that they interact with such a wide base of clients, making the need for customized business insurance for manufactures all the more critical. This is where Hitchings Insurance shines.

Small, medium, or large businesses whose primary operations revolve around manufacturing goods of any kind can face a very unique set of risks. Its Hitchings Insurance’s goal to ensure that those businesses get a customized business insurance plan that can appropriately defend their assets.

What is Business Insurance for Manufacturers?

Business insurance for manufacturers is an insurance package designed to protect businesses of any size that deal in the manufacturing of goods of any kind. Hitchings Insurance helps design insurance for food manufacturers, insurance for medical device manufacturers, insurance for truss manufacturers, and so many different types of manufacturers to help preserve their bottom line. Because manufacturing businesses can be anything from small-scale creators to large, multi-business chains, insurance should be customized accordingly.

Here are a few of the most standard coverages included in business insurance for manufacturers:

Commercial general liability insurance

This type of insurance, which is critical for any business that interacts with clients on any level, can protect your company if a client should allege your business activities or your negligence caused their physical injury, property damage. If a claim is taken to court, it can cover any legal expenses.

Commercial property insurance

Property insurance is especially important as a part of a comprehensive package for business insurance for manufacturers. What would your business do if its physical property were to be damaged or destroyed due to an unexpected fire, storm, vandalism/theft, or falling object? This insurance covers a wide array of different damages and can help your business repair or rebuild following a disaster.

Product liability insurance

Since your manufacturing business primarily deals in the manufacturing of raw goods into finished materials or products, it only makes sense that you’d have some form of product liability insurance. This insurance protects your business if a customer alleges your product has caused their bodily injury or property damage.

Business interruption insurance

Should your business close temporarily as a result of a covered loss, this form of insurance covers your business for any ongoing costs during a time where you are unable to generate revenue so you can get back on your feet ASAP.

Of course, not every manufacturing business is the same. You could manufacture any kind of products, but you’ll always need insurance. As to what kind of insurance that is and what your end-product looks like, it depends. Hitchings Insurance works with you to determine what form of coverage would be most beneficial for you and your circumstances, and how we can help protect you from your unique set of exposures as a manufacturer.

Do I need business interruption insurance as a manufacturer?

We highly recommend business interruption insurance for manufacturers. Undoubtedly, it would be very difficult to continue operations “as per usual” without your main means of income: your business’ physical premises, its equipment, and its workers. Business interruption insurance for manufacturers covers your loss of income and other ongoing expenses (as defined in your policy and up until a certain limit or duration of time) if your business is forced to close because of a covered peril. Because this can spell disaster for many businesses, its integral that manufactures purchase this form of coverage to guarantee a temporary closure won’t become a permanent one.

How much does business insurance for manufacturers cost?

The cost for business insurance for manufacturers depends on a lot of different things. Your business could be small or large, deal with tens of clients or just a few, produce one single product or dozens of different kinds – these kinds of variables will all impact your overall price.

Keep in mind the following characteristics of your business which could impact your premiums:

  • Your projected annual revenue
  • Your business industry
  • What kind of products you manufacture
  • How many employees you hire
  • Your years of business experience
  • Where your business is located

You can get a free quote with Hitchings Insurance for a more accurate estimate of your price. Discuss with our representatives about your manufacturer business today.

Get a Manufacturers Insurance Quote with Hitchings Insurance

Hitchings Insurance is more than happy to help manufacturing businesses. As a third generation and family-owned insurance agency, we work with a broad array of different regional and national top-tier insurance companies. We can meet your needs, regardless of how large or small your manufacturing business is. Insurance for manufacturers is critical, and we believe that as supporters of businesses in our communities, it’s our duty to get them the comprehensive coverage that they need.

There’s power in being so involved in a community that you’d go to the lengths that Hitchings Insurance does to protect our manufacturing businesses. Business insurance for manufacturers should be a critical component of an overall risk management strategy, plus it gives you the confidence you need to work without worrying about what could happen.

We invite you to learn more about the Hitchings Insurance difference yourself. Fill out a free manufacturers insurance quote form or give us a call at 419-423-9145.