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Warehousing businesses are critical for the likes of small business and contractors who don’t have the space to store their belongings. In comes store businesses and warehouses; these businesses help keep other business’ costs down by storing products in exchange for compensation. You could run a single storage unit or multiple huge warehouse facilities. Regardless of the exact size of your operations, having commercial warehouse insurance or business insurance for warehouses is a must.

Hitchings Insurance understands the needs of its various industries and works hard to find businesses the comprehensive coverage that they need to feel protected, whatever it is that those business specialize in. Warehouses are a critical component of the economy, so it’s a no-brainer that we should be doing what we can to protect them.

Securing people’s goods and materials is what you do, and it’s a very important job. But if you run a warehouse business or deal in the service of protecting storage businesses, who’s protecting you? Hitchings Insurance helps warehouse and storage businesses protect theirs with warehouse legal liability insurance and comprehensive commercial warehouse insurance packages. Get started with a free quote or give our agency a call to discuss your warehouse’s needs.

What is Commercial Warehouse Insurance?

Commercial warehouse insurance is an overarching insurance policy designed to cover your business’ physical premise, its liability, and its belongings. Additional coverages may be purchased to include commercial automobiles, cyber liability if you store digital data, workers’ compensation for employees, and so much more. A Hitchings Insurance agent can also help you navigate the types of insurance you may need.

Depending on the coverage you purchase, your commercial warehouse insurance could include:

Commercial Property Insurance

Given that the bulk of your business is possible due to its warehouses, it only makes sense that your business would need commercial property insurance. A comprehensive property insurance policy can insure your warehouses and their contents against damages such as fire, storm, vandalism and theft, hail, and falling objects.

Business Interruption Insurance

Your business can’t really operate without, well, the physical business. Business interruption insurance is designed to help out businesses in their time of need if an insurable loss forces them to close their doors temporarily. This coverage includes compensation for loss of income, ongoing bills, rent, wages, and more.

Warehouse Legal Liability Insurance

If something were to happen to the goods that your warehouse or storage business is paid to protect, your clients might hold you liable for the damages and losses that have occurred. Warehouse legal liability insurance may be able to protect you for the cost to replace or repair these belongings.

These are just a few examples of the different kinds of commercial warehouse insurance coverages that your business may require. Note that because every business is different, it’s a good idea to consult with an agent to discuss your business’ exact needs, as they may be different than the standard options.

What is Cross-Border Warehousing Coverage and Who Needs it?

Some larger warehouse and storage businesses may have so many different warehouses that they have expanded from the United States to Canada or another country. If this is you, congratulations! Expansion and growth is always the goal when you’re running a business and conducting business across national borders can be an excellent opportunity to do just that.

Cross-border warehousing coverage is insurance coverage offered by some providers that addresses the gaps that cross-border business can expose you to which may otherwise be limited by your United States coverage. You could potentially acquire two separate policies for the countries you do business in as well, but sometimes coverage in these situations will be limited. A cross-border warehouse coverage policy can bridge the difference between your policy’s limits.

Does my Commercial Warehouse Insurance Cover me for Goods Damages While in Storage of in Transit?

It can. If a loss occurs and your warehouse is damaged, as well as the contents it stores within, you could be held liable for the damages. Warehouse legal liability insurance may help pay for the repairs and replacement costs to goods in your warehouse that are damaged or destroyed. It may also protect you from claims that are taken to court alleging your business’s negligence was the cause of the loss or damages to their goods held in storage.

For goods in transit, however, you might need to acquire additional coverage – cargo insurance or goods-in-transit. This will cover your customer’s possessions from damages or loss if there is an incident while they are being transported due to a wide array of different possible disasters.

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Your business offers an invaluable service for the everyday Joe looking to store their goods and the larger construction companies needing a place to keep their machinery and equipment between jobs. Many small businesses and independent contractors won’t have the space to store their materials, and so their options then go to warehouses or storage businesses. All things considered, warehouses and storage businesses play a vital role in our economy, and in the supply-and-demand chain.

As a third-generation, family-owned insurance agency, Hitchings Insurance is here to help protect your warehouse business and give you the tools you need to select between multiple insurance options. No two warehouses businesses are the same, so our agency gives you the advice you require based on what it is you do to help you pick a coverage plan best suited to your needs. The work you do is vital. Let us worry about the insurance and you worry about the business.

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