Cyber Liability


Protect your team’s greatest asset, information.

In your business, you have insurance to protect your valuable assets, such as your land, buildings, equipment, and vehicles. However, are you also protecting your data.

Having a reliable Ohio Cyber Liability Insurance policy is crucial for safeguarding your business from the expenses and damages arising from data breaches. Such losses can be huge and beyond the extent covered by your General Liability policy. Apart from the interruption in your business operations and the liability incurred for compromising your customer’s confidential information, data breaches can severely damage your business’s reputation and put your employees and clients in jeopardy.

Most states require businesses to inform their customers if their data has been accessed inappropriately. The cost of complying with post-data breach regulations can be substantial.

Cyber Liability Insurance Basics

In Ohio, Cyber Liability Insurance is there to help mitigate your liability in case of a data breach that compromises sensitive information, whether you or your customers. This type of special insurance protects you from the threats of lawsuits, recovering compromised data, restoring damaged networks and computer systems, complying with regulations about notifying affected parties that their data has been improperly accessed, and addressing problems that the outside manipulation of personal information may have caused.

More than half of all small businesses have experienced a data breach, and half of those have had it happen more than once. Don’t think you’re safe because your business is small, or you aren’t in finance or healthcare. Smaller companies are often at higher risk because their defences can be easily breached. Almost every business has cyber exposure. Any organization that collects and stores any personally identifiable data, including electronic employee records, is vulnerable.

The prevalence of malicious data breaches is matched only by their variety – from ransomware and cyber-extortion to sophisticated social engineering and email spoofing, hackers use a dizzying number of techniques to get at your data. Your own staff can be their (witting or unwitting) accomplices – mistakes, malice, and a failure to maintain minimum security standards are common causes of data breaches.

In the event of a data breach, a fast, coordinated, multi-pronged response is essential in mitigating your liability, dealing fairly with all affected parties, and keeping your reputation up and your business running. Ask the Cyber Liability Insurance professionals at Hitchings Insurance Agency about your options.

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