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In the United States, the hospitality industry is very large and extremely diverse. There are well over 130,000 different hotels and motel businesses in the United States, all of which operate within their own unique scope and “theme.” With all the different tourist and hobby destinations, it’s not a surprise to know that the hospitality industry is thriving. All the same, with the amount of unique and new guests that hotels tend to see, there’s a greater risk for potential loss – ranging from business property damage to multi-thousand-dollar lawsuits.

Nestled with roots in Ohio, Hitchings Insurance is here to help hotels by granting them the accommodation and hotel insurance they deserve. We understand that no hotel is the same; whether you’re a single motel operating by the Findlay airport or a massive chain of hotels that exist throughout the United States, you still need insurance – but that insurance can look very different. The right insurance package from the right agency can help protect any hospitality business from potential risks if their business suffers a loss or damage, or if they are sued.

What is Business Insurance for Hotels?

Business insurance for hotels is an all-encompassing insurance package designed to protect hotels from the various risks they could face. Specifically, hotel insurance is designed to protect hospitality businesses and hotel operations from property damage, third-party bodily injury and damage lawsuits, and other exposures. Hotels face a lot more risks than your average business due to the sheer volume of customers they see coming in-and-out every day. Lodging guests, particularly guests with which your business has had no previous relation, and having them use your exercise facilities, swimming pools, bars, restaurants poses a unique risk – one which a comprehensive hotel insurance policy may be able to address in a variety of ways.

A hotel business insurance policy may include the following coverages:

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is essential for any hotel, seeing as your business entirely depends on its physical property. That’s just part of it. This insurance protects your physical structure, property, and contents from damages due to such perils as fire, flooding, wind, storms, theft, or vandalism.

Commercial General Liability

Commercial general liability insurance, or CGL, covers your hospitality business for any third-party claims which allege property damage or bodily injury because of your business activities or unexpected accidents while attending your business’ property. It can offer coverage for legal fees or damages, as well as coverage for costs pertaining to product liability, libel, slander, defamation, and false advertising.

Workers’ Compensation

Assuming your business operates with a number of different employees, from concierge to bellhops, you’ll need workers’ compensation insurance to operate in case any of your employees become sick or are injured on the job.

Every policy will look different, which is why it’s so important for hotel operators to work with an independent agency such as Hitchings Insurance to walk them through their options. Some hotels have the full deal: pools, bars, entertainment lounges or units with balconies, and other motels just offer enough to have a pleasant stay for the night before you’re on your way again. Regardless of what your hotel includes, big or small, insurance can protect you from significant financial losses.

Will Hotel Insurance Insure Multiple Properties if I Own More Than One Hotel?

If you own a chain business with multiple properties in that chain, they can all be insured under the same policy with the same insurer. You may also earn a discount for insuring the multiple business buildings through the same insurer, but inevitably the bigger your business, the more your insurance will cost. Still, it’s better to do this than to insure your multiple hotels through different insurers and lose the convenience and savings of having to go through different providers.

Do I Need Liquor Liability Insurance for my Hotels?

You will need liquor liability insurance if your business has any bars or restaurants where liquor is being served. Even if your business doesn’t have any bars or restaurants, or no liquor is being served there but you have each unit installed with a mini fridge that contains alcohol which guests can purchase, then yes, you’ll need liquor liability insurance. If alcohol is in the equation, liquor liability insurance is a must-have to protect yourself from any injuries or damages caused by a guest where intoxication is the leading suspect.

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