Liability Insurance For Daycares

Run a home daycare, or own a commercial childcare center? If so, you need to protect yourself from potential risks with liability insurance for daycares. Many daycares assume that their expertise will outweigh the need for insurance, but that’s simply not true. From the moment they drop their child off until when they pick them up, parents are worrying about their child – and if the slightest thing should go wrong, they’re going to come back at you, pointing fingers. A comprehensive program for liability insurance for daycare with Hitchings Insurance will help cover you.

All daycares, be they in Ohio or around the world, center around children at the core of their businesses. The unfortunate reality of this is that children tend to be far more accident-prone than adults. To protect your business and keep it moving forward for as many years as possible, it is highly advised you work with an agent to determine a fitting insurance program, be it insurance for a home daycare or a commercial childcare center.

Hitchings Insurance is ready and willing to help you find the liability insurance for daycares that you need. Even if your business is situated in your own home, it needs insurance as it is a business operation that faces unique risks. As a full-service, family-owned, and independent insurance agency based in Ohio, we have what it takes to protect you and your daycare. Request a liability insurance quote for daycares for free with Hitchings Insurance.

What is Liability Insurance for Daycare?

Liability insurance for daycares is just one part of an overall insurance package designed to protect daycare businesses and their owners. Daycare insurance should be a combination of numerous different insurance policies designed to provide protection for all the risks your business might face, from its premises and equipment to your very own reputation. A comprehensive daycare insurance policy should include every risk that comes with caring for someone else’s children.

Basically, a typical insurance program for daycares could include:

Commercial General Liability

This insurance package protects your daycare from any childcare liabilities that it might face, such as allegations involving physical, personal, and third-party property damage. Commercial general liability can also cover legal fees and medical fees, no matter what a lawsuit’s outcome ends up being. Child injuries happen easily, and parents could turn around and sue you as a result.

Commercial Property Insurance

Even if your childcare center runs out of home, this insurance helps to cover any equipment, supplies, or furniture that your daycare needs to run its operations. This is true whether you rent or own the space that you operate in. This insurance protects against physical damages such as fire, theft, vandalism.

Professional Liability Insurance

Because childcare services may fall under the scope of professional services, it’s not a bad idea to consider a comprehensive errors and omissions program to protect your business if you or your employees make any mistakes.

These are just a few examples of the different kinds of insurance that your daycare or home daycare may need to fully protect itself. Daycares center around children, and unfortunately children don’t have the fully developed motor skills to protect themselves. Accidents are inevitable, and with hover parents, you never know what kind of claims you might be finding yourself liable for. It’s better to be safe than sorry and get yourself and your daycare business insured.

Do I Need to Purchase Insurance for a Home Daycare?

Yes. Even if you run a daycare out of your very own home, it’s critical that you purchase insurance for it because your home insurance will not cover any losses that can be traced back to business activities. If a child under your care were to break a mirror in your bathroom, that wouldn’t be covered by your home insurance because it might be traced back to your business. Likewise, if a fire broke out and destroyed all your business supplies, inventory that might not be covered, either.

Sometimes insurance for a home daycare can be purchased as an add-on endorsement to your existing home policy. Discuss with an agent or an insurance advisor about what option is best for you.

How Much Does it Cost to Purchase
Liability Insurance for a Daycare?

Costs for liability insurance for daycares tends to vary based on the daycare. Because daycares lean on the higher end when it comes to risks, policyowners may pay upwards of $500/year for their daycare insurance. It still depends on the kind of business you run.

The following factors will be considered when calculating your business insurance rates:

  • Your daycare’s licensing and credentials
  • Your employees and their training
  • Your daycare’s physical premise and size
  • Your annual and projected revenue
  • The services you provide
  • Your insurance history
  • Your business history and experience

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Hitchings Insurance is a third-generation, full-service, and family-owned insurance brokerage that caters to helping our clients within our community. We want to assist you when it comes to preserving your own peace of mind and are beyond passionate when it comes to helping our neighbors’ businesses. Part of our duty is equipping daycares with the right comprehensive liability insurance.

No two daycares are alike, nor do they run the same. As a result, these daycares do not face the same risks, making it even more critical to fit them with insurance suited to their exposures, their budgets. Hitchings Insurance is proud to work with numerous national and regional top-tier insurance companies and is excited to help you find the best option for the best value.

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