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Offices can look like anything: quiet, high-tech, and intense – and they can offer any sort of service: IT, marketing, real estate, and so forth. There’s so much variety in offices, and so many highly talented folks all working towards a common goal. But the smallest of perils could threaten your office’s way of life. That’s where office insurance comes in; it’s essential to protect even the smallest home offices from the realities they could face during everyday business.

Office insurance can be designed for any number of professionals, whether they’re medical professionals, consultants, or advisors. Office insurance can also protect you whether you own your office, lease it within a larger building, or operate out of a home office.

Let’s help you get insured with the right medical office insurance plan from Hitchings Insurance. We can tailor-make a medical office or office insurance plan to protect your business.

What is Medical Office Insurance?

Ultimately, a medical office insurance policy or office insurance policy will vary in what it covers depending on the needs of that individual business or office. There may be a few standard coverages, such as the ones listed below, but small differentiations between businesses could call for additional or specialized coverage – making it more necessary to work with an insurance professional who can tailor-make coverage based on your needs. What works to protect your “standard” business may not work to protect yours. Every business is different, after all. Your coverage should reflect that.

An office insurance policy may include the following coverages:

Commercial General Liability Insurance

This insurance coverage, integral for any business that interacts with clients on whatever level, protects your business if a third-party files a claim for bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage. It can also cover claims of reputational injury due to libel and slander. Lawsuit costs can climb up quickly; this coverage protects your peace of mind so you can keep on working.

Commercial Property Insurance

Your office is your office, whether that’s big, small, a small part of a larger building, or even a room in your home. Commercial property insurance protects it from a wide array of perils that could irreparably damage or destroy parts or all your property, such as your equipment and tools, your furniture, and more.

Professional Liability Insurance

If your business or you deal in the offering of a professional service or advice, commercial general liability insurance won’t cut it. You’ll need enhanced coverage in the form of errors and omissions or professional liability insurance to protect yourself against claims made against your business alleging negligence or error.

Cyber Liability Insurance

This insurance coverage is becoming increasingly common, covering your business for costs pertaining to data breaches, ransomware, and any consequential lawsuits. As we utilize data and tech more and more, the risk of a loss becomes even greater.

Ultimately, your office insurance or medical office insurance will vary depending on the exact industry you operate in, what you do, and the risk appetite of your individual business. Therefore, it’s important to work with a professional in insurance, like the agents here at Hitchings Insurance. Let us help safeguard your operations, whether those are in finance, medicine, law, or otherwise.

Does a Home Office Need Insurance?

“Need” and “required” are two separate matters. While a home office may not be required to be insured, it’s a massive benefit to you and your business to have insurance designed to protect your assets and liability. A home office may make use of a dozen different business assets, from laptops to inventory and more. Business items or items utilized for business activities may not be covered by your standard home insurance so, to be protected, must be insured through either a home-based endorsement or a separate commercial policy – a home office insurance plan.

Your liability also needs protecting with a home office. If you have clients come to visit you and converse at the space of your home office, you need to protect yourself with the appropriate liability coverage. If you are a medical professional, consultant, or advisor, or someone who primarily deals in the offering of services or advice in exchange for money, then you may need professional liability insurance – even if you work out of a home office.

How Much Does Medical Office Insurance Cost?

The cost of office insurance differs depending on the type of policy or package you’ve had tailor-made for you and your business. Each package is built differently, taking your business in mind – so there’s no average cost. The best way to guess what your premiums may end up being is to request a free quote with Hitchings Insurance.

Also, it helps to keep in mind that the following factors will be used to determine your costs:

  • Your projected annual revenue (based off your last year’s earnings)
  • Your years of business experience
  • Your business’ insurance history
  • Industry
  • Where your office(s) is located
  • What services you offer
  • How many employees you have

Hitchings Insurance works with a wide array of insurance providers to get you the best price. Work with us for a tailor-made, affordable medical office insurance policy.

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