Commercial Trucking Insurance

What type of trucking companies do we work with?

  • 1. For-Hire Operators
    One niche that we focus on is Hot Shot Trucking Insurance. These ‘for-hire’ operations haul various items from one specific location to another. Most of these trucking operations are picking up campers, RVs, and automobiles from one dealership, and delivering them to another. Although hot shot trucking can be done with all types of cargo, we see a majority of trucking operations falling into this type of category.

  • 2. Grain Commodities Hauling
    These are operators who typically run a farming operation and truck in the off season or during downtime to supplement their income.

  • 3. Over the Road Trucking
    Over-the-road trucking clients typically have fleets that are less than 25 years old and that have a 500 mile (and under) radius from each of their active hubs. These include non-hazardous material hauling – including automobiles, construction products, agricultural supplies, and numerous other commodities. A clean loss and claims history is a must for ultra-competitive rates.

  • 4. Dirt, Sand & Stone Hauling
    We have great competitive pricing for fleets under 25 power units, trucks 20 years old and newer, and trucking companies with a good claims history.

What does trucking insurance cost?

There is no one size fits all solution. We’d love to say there is an easy formula of $500 per power unit. However, that’s just not the case and unrealistic these days. With the rising costs of claims litigation, parts, labor, and coupled with the supply chain delays – insurance is not getting any cheaper. There is good news though! Tough times never last forever, and you have control of your own exposures to some degree. Here are some examples of things that will help determine your insurance premium prices for commercial trucking/for hire trucking:

Distance Traveled

Pricing changes dramatically when you haul over 500 miles. If you can structure a dedicated route that is less than 500 miles, you will save a significant amount of premium dollars over the years.

Age of Vehicles

Insurance carriers like to see commercial power units under 15 years of age. However, vehicles up to 25 years of age can be acceptable with proper maintenance plans in place.

Driver Records

Clean driving record history on all your drivers will go a long way with decreasing your premiums.

Type of Cargo

We have great competitive pricing for fleets under 25 power units, trucks 20 years old and newer, and trucking companies with a good claims history.

Coverage limit

The higher the limits the more the insurance costs. We do value proper insurance limits to properly protect your business should something bad happen.

Claims History

This is a big one! The fewer claims you have from year to year is going to result in huge cost savings for your organization, and in some cases can help maximize your ability to even obtain cost effective insurance solutions.

Loss Control Items in Force

GPS on trucks, front-rear- and driver facing cameras being utilized, safety training meetings, and driver training courses are all ways to minimize the cost of insurance each year.

If you’ve experienced a high volume of claims losses or a large loss it may be best to stay with your current insurance company if they’re willing to offer you renewal terms, and then revisit things in 3-5 years if your situation improves.

Our promise?

Our experienced and down-to-earth team will work with you to assess your situation, needs and solutions with complete transparency. We explain the options so that you can make informed decisions, and keep the process simple and easy so you can focus on your business.

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Added Benefits Working with Hitchings Insurance

We’ll help you identify and address common trucking risks and exposures that can lead to loss, and we’ll show you how the right Trucking Insurance coverage will mitigate your risks and lowers premiums. Some coverages are federally or state-mandated, such as Liability Insurance and Workers’ Compensation, while other recommended coverages are optional based on your operation’s unique risks.

At a minimum, your coverage should include:

  • Liability Insurance (bodily injury, property damage, uninsured or underinsured motorist)
  • Physical Damage Coverage (Collision & Comprehensive)

Some optional coverages can include:

  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance
  • Bobtail Insurance
  • Motor Truck General Liability
  • Trailer Interchange Insurance
  • On Hook Coverage
  • Storage Insurance
  • Cleanup and Debris Removal Insurance
  • Passenger Accident Insurance
  • Roadside Breakdown & Towing Insurance
  • Rental Reimbursement Insurance
  • Personal Property Insurance
  • Downtime Coverage Insurance
  • Gap Insurance
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance