Rental Property


A Proven Insurance Partner for
Rental Property Owners

At Hitchings Insurance, we understand rental properties are a valuable investment and a source of income for you and your family. We offer comprehensive insurance plans for rental property owners, as well as property managers.

We have insurance solutions for long term rentals, short term rentals, and student housing. Rental properties can be defined as single family rental units, multi-family rental units, or multi-residential apartment buildings.

Why choose us?

1. We Take the Time to Tailor Coverage

Whether you own one rental income property or several we have years of experience sourcing and packaging the most cost effective insurance options for rental property owners.

2. We Provide Turn-key Solutions

As a rental property developer or owner you can rest easy knowing that we’ve done the heavy lifting to ensure you and your revenue producing properties are protected against things like fire, tornados, vandalism, theft, law suits, and other perils.

3. We Offer Professional Advice

We have a team of experienced insurance professionals who can offer valuable insights and guidance throughout the rental property insurance placement process. We’re by your side at every step, and beyond.

4. We’re Committed to Claims Service

We’re fully engaged and involved if you have a claim to expediate payments, negotiate on your behalf and make sure you’re treated fairly with loss settlements from insurance carriers.

Tired of talking to a computer to get insurance?

Give us a call and speak with one of our ‘people first’ agents.

Special Notice for Rental Property Owners

The market for rental property insurance is currently experiencing a lot of turbulence. If you have a great track record of claims history, updated mechanicals, and updated roofing on your rental properties we have a better chance of finding viable insurance solutions for your rental properties.

What basic type of rental property coverage should be considered?

  • Building Coverage – Covers the physical building or rental property.
  • Personal Property – Covers personal property or furnishings belonging to you as the rental property owner.
  • Loss of Rent – Provides coverage for loss of rent/income should a claim result in tenants needing relocate while you rebuild or remodel.
  • Liability Insurance – Covers you against liability claims due to the ownership of the rental property.
  • Flood/Water Backup – Coverage against external and internal water damage.