Dental plans are a type of health insurance that covers oral care. While health insurance can cover medical, dental, and vision, a targeted dental plan may be best for your family’s needs.

Did you know oral care is important for more than just the health of your teeth? Poor oral health has been linked to other disease states, like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Good oral health requires more than just daily brushing and flossing. Regular dental check-ups are necessary to catch and prevent issues before they progress. But what happens when you require more extensive treatment, such as fillings or crowns? Will you be able to afford it?

What dental coverage options are there?

Employer-sponsored plans may be an option if you work for a company that offers this benefit. Your premium responsibility as an employee depends on your employer’s setup. The policy will also detail such things as deductibles and co-pays for certain services. It will also tell how frequently cleanings are covered, like every six months, to stay proactive.

Dental plans can also be purchased from an insurance carrier as stand-alone policies for you, individually or as a family. If your employer does not offer dental insurance, you can purchase it on your own.

What does a dental policy cover, and how much does it cost?

When we experience health-related issues, it can change everything. You have flexibility in the cost of your dental plan with the decision you make about getting the coverage you want with deductibles and out-of-pocket costs you can afford. For example, a plan may cover 100% for two cleanings in a year (preventative) in exchange for a premium. You can weigh the cost of the annual premium against what two cleanings would cost out of pocket without insurance.

We currently have plans that cost $29 for an individual with a $50 deductible. Preventative services are covered at 100%, basic services at 80% and major services at 50%, with a benefit period maximum of $1000.

Something beyond a standard cleaning could be needed for your teeth. Instead of preventative services, you may need basic services or major services.

What if you get a cavity and need a filling?

Now you need basic services!

What if you need a root canal or crown?

Now you need major services!

Are you prepared to pay these out of pocket if there isn’t coverage? Is your dentist in the network? If not, are you willing to switch to one that is in the network for covered services? All these situations are worth considering, and hopefully, you can review and discuss these decisions before a health issue arises.

Our licensed insurance professionals at Hitchings Insurance Agency look forward to getting to know you! Once we understand your situation and know your dentist of choice, we can provide you with options and answer your questions to make an informed decision about your dental insurance.

Health Insurance for Individuals.

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