Farming is in our blood. Several Hitchings Insurance Agency staff members grew up on farms, and during our five decades in business, we’ve served local farms of all sizes from 80-acre family farms to 10,000-acre commercial operations.  We are a one-stop shop for all your Ohio Farm Insurance needs.  We take care of you, your farm, your family, and your employees.

We provide all the advantages of a large national firm and all the personal service and attention that only a local neighborhood business can offer.  Our service is friendly, personal, and highly responsive. Our top priorities are earning your trust and building a long relationship. We understand the importance of insurance – the right coverage can be vital to your legacy planning!

Farming is a tough business! Farmers face risks, hazards, and challenges beyond their control. Farm Insurance helps ensure that challenges do not turn into catastrophes. The right Ohio Farm Insurance policy protects against natural disaster, bad crop yields, equipment breakdowns, or any of the many variables that turn a good season bad.

In Ohio, Farm Insurance covers:

  • Your farmhouse – your home and property, with enough coverage to rebuild and replace.
  • Your farm buildings – machine sheds, tool shops, grain bins, grain legs, grain dryers, garages, and livestock barns.
  • Your farm equipment – tractors, combines, spray coupes, implements and tools. The basic farm equipment insurance policies cover weather-related losses, collisions, theft, and vandalism.
  • Farm Liability Coverage – protects against lawsuits related to third-party personal injury or property damage.

If you have employees, you are required by law to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance, which covers the cost of work-related injuries and temporary wage replacement.

We also offer other coverage options that might make sense for your farm: Crop Insurance, Livestock Insurance, Business Income Insurance, Personal and Commercial Vehicles Insurance, and Commercial Umbrella Insurance. There are other coverages available, depending on the nature and scope of your farming operation.

Employee Benefit Plans and Legacy Planning

Hitchings Insurance will also help you with important Employee Benefit coverages such as Personal or Group Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Key Person Insurance, Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance, and Long-Term Care Insurance. These important coverages can help ensure that your assets are not drained by the cost of extended illness, disability, or the need for long-term care, and that those assets are protected in the event of death.

You talk, we listen!

At Hitchings Insurance, we take the time to listen to you, learn your unique needs, learn what you value, and learn what is important to you. Once we have a clear picture, we turn to our network of farm insurance companies and from an array of options, we select the ones that fit your singular circumstances and budget. Our service is friendly, personal, and highly responsive. We’re there for you in good times and bad.

Learn why so many of your Ohio and Michigan neighbors trust Hitchings Insurance Agency to protect their farms. We invite you to learn about the Hitchings Insurance Agency difference yourself – fill out a free quote form or call us at 419-423-9145 for your farm insurance quote.


What does farm insurance cover?

Farm insurance covers anything related to a farming operation. It is tailored to each individual operation. No two farm insurance policies are the same.  In this context, they are intended to cover the property and casualty portion of the said risk. This would include coverage for farm liability, farm barns/structures, any owned dwellings (including owner occupied and rental dwellings), farm equipment, pollution liability, and livestock.

What is farm blanket insurance?

Farm Blanket Insurance is an insurance policy where various items are covered under one limit of insurance. For example, we typically use farm blanket insurance on farm equipment. This means that we have one large limit of insurance that is intended to cover all tractors, implements, tools, and other equipment used on a farm.  No schedule of individual items is needed on this type of policy.

What is the average cost to insure a farm?

There is no average cost, per say. It varies from one farm to the next. The price is determined by the amount of farm liability needed, the amount of farm equipment you have, and the limits of insurance on dwellings, farm buildings, and other coverages.  Farms less than 100 acres are likely to fall under $2,500 per year. Farms from 100-500 acres likely fall above $2,500. Farms over 500 acres are likely above $3,500 per year. Farms above 1500 acres are likely above $5,000 per year . These are just very broad statements with no merit on your actual individual insurance needs.

Do I need separate insurance for a farm tractor?

Not typically. Tractors can be covered on a farm insurance package policy. Tractors can also be covered on a homeowner’s policy if it is individually used by the owner of the tractor.

What is not included on my farm insurance policy?

The basics that are not covered on a farm policy are earthquake, flooding, crop insurance, livestock mortality, life insurance, and commercial general liability. There could potentially be many other exclusions.  All policies are different and vary by state, insurance company, and insurance agencies. Seek the advice from an independent agent who understands farms and how to mitigate the respective risks for them.

How much does livestock insurance cost?

If we are discussing livestock mortality insurance, rates can be as low as 0.15 per $100 of coverage on a basic plan, or as much as $5.50 per $100 for an “all-risk” plan. Check out this blog for more information.

Farm Insurance vs. Homeowner’s Insurance

The only commonality between the two coverage forms is in relation to the dwelling coverage.  This would be for the insurance coverage on the home itself.  An active farm can NOT be endorsed correctly on a homeowner’s policy coverage form and leaves far too many gaps in coverage.  If you have livestock, plant row crops or vegetables, manufacture a food product, or grow anything else with the intent to sell the commodity, you likely need a farm insurance policy.


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Recommended Products

Workers Compensation/Employers Liability

Coverage to protect employees against injuries while at work.

Legacy Planning/Life Insurance

Creative plans to insure long term success of family farms,
key man life policies, funding farm perpetuation with life insurance
plans can be extremely cost effective.

Crop Insurance

Coverage against loss of production/yields, or revenue for growing crops.
Read more.

Farm Liability

Coverage that protects you and your assets against financial loss
due to your negligence. Accidents happen. Have the proper limits to
protect what you’ve worked for your entire life.

Intake of Foreign Objects

Coverage for your combines, sprayers, tractors and other
pieces of equipment needed to run your operation.

Farm Equipment

Coverage for physical damage against loss of tractors, implements, tools, etc.

Personal Liability

Protects against loss for bodily injury or property damage by
residents of the home who you’re legally responsible for.
For example, grad parties, swimming pools, dog bites, accidental shooting, etc.

Farm Dwelling

Homeowners coverage for owner occupied dwellings,
will cover the home, personal property, loss of use, etc.


Coverage for loss to the animal, standard peril coverage against
fire, windstorm, lightening. Mortality coverage against grazing poisoning, drowning, disease, etc.
Read more.

Business Income

Protection against loss of revenue. Example- steer building burns down,
farm loses out in 2 rotation and is out the profit for those rotations, coverage
would kick in to make the farmer whole again and pay for lost profits and extra expenses.

Recreational Vehicle Liability

coverage for rangers, gators, ATVs, side by sides, snowmobiles, etc.
If the vehicle leaves the home farm location it needs to have recreational
vehicle liability for coverage to apply. The vehicles also need to be listed
for coverage against physical damage. For example, theft, collision.
If used for farm use, we can cover as farm personal property, which will
include the recreational vehicle liability.

Farm Buildings

Coverage against physical damage loss to the structures.
Replacement Cost, Functional Replacement Cost, and Actual cash value options are available.

Personal Auto

Coverage for vehicles not used for farming purposes. Typically a spouse or child’s vehicle.

Grain Complex

Coverage against damage to the structure. Entire complex can be insured
under a blanket limit with one deductible. Stored Grain- peak season coverage
available when the grain is stored, and at a fraction of the cost of farm personal property.

Farm Trucking

Coverage for commercial vehicles. Anything with a GVW over 12,000lbs
will be insured on a commercial farm auto plan. These plans are heavily discounted
if using for hauling owned commodities and not using for hire. Policy can also cover
trucking for hire or others as well.

Secondary Locations

Coverage against secondary locations. This can include dwelling coverage,
building coverage, farm personal property. Can be a family members residence,
a rental dwelling, or a tenant occupied location. Lots of variables and options available.

Pollution Liability

Coverage against accidental seepage of a pollutant into soil or water table.
Coverage for cleanup costs, punitive damages, and defense available.

Interactive Coverage Map

Farm Insurance

Farmhouse, farm buildings, farm equipment, farm liability, and more..