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Hitchings Insurance Agency provided excellent customer service, a detailed quote, and support during the decision-making process for my sister and me when we were in need of liability insurance for our farm. We are pleased with our decision to go with Hitchings.

Excellent experience! Judy explained all the details and was very friendly! Also, love Kari’s work with Farm Fact Fridays and follow-up. Will definitely continue working with Hitchings!

We have been working with Hitchings for many years. They have us covered for all of our needs from business to home to auto to farm and health. Thanks Hitchings.

Ohio Farm Insurance

Nothing is as unpredictable as wrestling a living from uncertainty – to feed the people of Ohio each year. The right Farm Insurance policy protects you against things like natural disasters, accidents, disruptions, poor crop yields – along with a host of unknown challenges to ensure a promising season stays that way.

Farm Insurance Basics

Farming is in our blood here in Ohio, and our team at Hitchings Insurance (many of whom are farmers themselves) are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. In Ohio, Farm Insurance typically provides coverage that includes:

  • Your farm equipment, including tractors, combines, spray coupes, implements and tools. Our basic farm equipment insurance policies also cover weather-related losses, collisions, theft, and vandalism.
  • Farm Liability Coverage, which protects against third-party personal injury or property damage lawsuits.
  • Your farmhouse (home and property) with enough coverage to  rebuild and replace.
  • Your farm buildings, including machine sheds, tool shops, grain  bins, grain legs, grain dryers, garages, and livestock barns.

Removing potential blind spots, and making you aware of any coverage gaps that require specific insurance or endorsements, is all in a day’s work. Together we create a farm insurance plan that is fueled by transparency, awareness and respects your budget.

Find The Right Ohio
Farm Insurance

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You may have an 80-acre family farm, a 10,000-acre commercial operation or a 20-acre equine therapy farm. We believe your needs are likely different from a neighbor down the road, so we never take a one size fits all approach. With access to a complete network of professional farm insurance carriers, we build a comprehensive insurance plan with an understanding of the nature and scope of your farming operations.

Frequently Asked Farm Insurance Questions

Farm insurance covers anything related to a farming operation. We tailor to your farm’s scale. No two farm insurance policies are the same. In this context, they are intended to cover the property and casualty portion of the said risk. This would include coverage for farm liability, farm barns/structures, owned dwellings (including owner-occupied and rental dwellings), farm equipment, pollution liability, and livestock.

Farm Blanket Insurance is an insurance policy covering various items under one insurance limit. For example, we typically use farm blanket insurance on farm equipment. This means that we have one large limit of insurance intended to cover all tractors, implements, tools, and other equipment used on a farm. No schedule of individual items is needed in this type of policy.

There is no average cost, per se. It varies from one farm to the next. The price is determined by the amount of farm liability needed, the amount of farm equipment you have, and the limits of insurance on dwellings, farm buildings, and other coverages. Farms less than 100 acres will likely fall under $2,500 per year. Farms from 100-500 acres likely fall above $2,500. Farms over 500 acres are likely above $3,500 per year. Farms above 1500 acres are likely above $5,000 per year. These are very broad statements with no merit on your individual insurance needs.

Not typically. Tractors can be covered on a farm insurance package policy. Tractors can also be covered on a homeowner’s policy if it is individually used by the owner of the tractor.

The basics that are not covered by a farm policy are earthquake, flooding, crop insurance, livestock mortality, life insurance, and general commercial liability. There could be many other exclusions. All policies vary by state, insurance company, and insurance agencies. Seek advice from an independent agent who understands farms and how to mitigate their respective risks.

Regarding livestock mortality insurance, rates can be as low as 0.15 per $100 of coverage on a basic plan or as much as $5.50 per $100 for an “all-risk” plan. Check out this blog for more information.

The only commonality between the two coverage forms is in relation to the dwelling coverage. This would be for the insurance coverage on the home itself. An active farm cannot be endorsed correctly on a homeowner’s policy coverage form and leaves far too many gaps in coverage. If you have livestock, plant row crops or vegetables, manufacture a food product or grow anything else with the intent to sell the commodity, you likely need a farm insurance policy.

Our Farm Insurance Promise

We value people, even more than the farms they operate, and make it our job to mitigate risks and leave no room for doubt. We actively listen, ask questions, and leverage our network of insurance carriers to find the right coverage, at the best price possible.

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