Agricultural Consultants


As an expert in the agricultural industry, you play a crucial role in supporting our nation’s economy and food supply chain. Your business is at the forefront of technology, which means it’s constantly evolving. Your work involves introducing and studying new farming methods and practices every day. It can be challenging to keep up with such changes, let alone find reliable insurance solutions from a reputable carrier that caters to your industry’s specific needs.

The agricultural industry contains endless opportunities for those interested in becoming agricultural consultants. It also comes with unique risks, such as misinterpretation of data or unforeseen environmental factors affecting crop performance. With the correct insurance, you can gain peace of mind, knowing that legal defense costs and potential damages will be covered, allowing you to focus on their crucial role in helping farmers maximize yields and mitigate risks for a thriving and sustainable agricultural industry.

Hitchings Insurance specializes in providing cost-effective insurance solutions to support and protect your business needs within the agricultural industry.

Agricultural Consultant business we insure:

  • Crop Service Consultants
  • Weather Station Sales and Installation
  • Soil Testing, Mapping, and Spray Consultants
  • Crop Insurance Salesman
  • Agriculture Research and Development Services
  • Agriculture Drone Technology Services
  • AgriTech Companies

Coverages to consider:

Hitchings Insurance offers Agricultural Consultant Insurance, which includes a range of coverages to safeguard businesses of any size or type. Our insurance policies are specifically designed to protect your agricultural research company, ensuring we protect your bottom line.

Here are a few of the standard coverages included in agricultural insurance for consultants.

Commercial General Liability

This form of insurance is suited to every business as it protects companies from third-party claims. Those claims may allege property damage or bodily injury caused by your business operations. Any business needs liability insurance.

Commercial Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance for agricultural consulting professionals helps safeguard individuals from potential legal claims arising from errors, omissions, or negligence in their professional advice or services. This coverage protects against financial losses resulting from claims of mismanagement, crop failure, incorrect advice, or other professional mistakes.

Products Liability

Product liability insurance for agricultural consultants is critical if your business sells or distributes a product that causes bodily injury or property damage. This component of your coverage may cover any ensuing legal expenses. It can also go hand-in-hand with product recall insurance.

Business Interruption

If your business suffers a loss where you cannot operate temporarily, business interruption insurance ensures you can keep moving – and so can the supply chain. It may cover ongoing expenses like rent, bills, and lost wages.

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Our Farm Insurance Promise

We value people, even more than the farms they operate, and make it our job to mitigate risks and leave no room for doubt. We actively listen, ask questions, and leverage our network of insurance carriers to find the right coverage, at the best price possible.

To learn more about our ‘People Before Policies’ approach – complete and submit a free quote request – or call us at 419-423-9145.