Agronomy Services


A Proven Insurance Partner for Your Agronomy Agribusiness

At Hitchings Insurance, we understand that agronomy service providers are a vital part of the agriculture ecosystem of the Midwest. Your businesses, assisting farmers in reaching their highest potential, are a growing part of the farming support in Ohio and a valuable partner for farmers.

Finding the coverage to protect your unique service operation shouldn’t feel like half the job.

Agronomy Service Businesses We Work With

We offer custom comprehensive insurance plans for your Agronomy Service. Let’s review a few of the agribusinesses we insure.

Chemical Applicators

You fight pests and promote growth for Ohio farmers. Also known as custom spraying operations, these agribusiness service providers apply pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizers for agriculture producers.

Seed Merchants

Providing the best start to Midwest farmers with high-yielding seeds, your businesses sell and deliver farmers their crop seeds. Seed merchants who provide their own mixing & coating may also be in this group.

Fertilizer Dealers and Distributors

The right mix of nutrients keeps a farmer’s crops at top performance. As a service provider, your work managing the sale and delivery of fertilizer products and your professional knowledge of soils and amendments are assets to farmers worth protecting.

Custom Farming Operations

A custom harvesting operation is an excellent example of a custom farm operation, but there can also be planting operations and more. Suppose your agronomy service is typically contracted for hire and paid a base rate per acre to help share the output of large-scale equipment across many farms. In that case, you should chat with a Hitchings Insurance agent to ensure your coverage protects all aspects of your service.

Agronomy Consulting

These businesses often utilize expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology products. Encompassing several agriculture services, they can be anything from soil mapping, soil testing, fertilizer & chemical application recommendations, drone mapping, or other professional services.

Chemical Distributor

Many of your farmer’s daily operations depend on their access to specific farm chemicals. These agribusinesses manage the sale and delivery of helpful farm chemicals.

It is easy to see how many daily services farmers rely upon fall under the umbrella of Agronomy Services. If you’re in the agribusiness industry, reach out and have a conversation with a licensed Hitchings Insurance agent. We provide insurance solutions for your liability, property, auto, professional, and other insurance exposures. We can typically find a package insurance solution for agronomy service businesses. Start the conversations today.

Why Choose Us?

  • We Take the Time to Tailor Coverage – Whether you own a small or large agribusiness. If your work falls into a limited seasonality or crop, we have years of experience sourcing and packaging the most cost-effective insurance options for agronomy service operators.

  • We Provide Turn-Key Solutions – You can rest easy knowing that we’ve done the heavy lifting to protect you and your revenue-producing assets against risks like fire, tornados, vandalism, theft, lawsuits, and other perils.

  • We Offer Professional Advice – Our team of experienced insurance professionals can offer valuable insights and guidance throughout the agribusiness insurance process. We’re by your side at every step and beyond.

  • We’re Committed to Claims Service – We’re fully engaged and involved if you have a claim to expedite payments, negotiate on your behalf, and ensure you’re treated fairly with loss settlements from insurance carriers.

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