Pet Food Manufacturers & Distributors


Pet food manufacturers and distributors play a critical role in the nutritional needs for our beloved pets and livestock animals. While these pet food businesses come in many shapes and sizes, we are dedicated to helping you find a custom insurance plan to safeguard your well-being, assets, and your company’s reputation well into the future.

Insurance coverage items to consider as a pet food manufacturer in Ohio:

Product Liability Insurance

Coverage against claims on your manufactured or sold products, which could include sickness to your end users (pets, people, livestock).

Commercial Property

Coverage against loss or property damage of your commercial buildings, commercial business property, inventory, and raw materials.

Business Interruption

Coverage against lost revenue and extra expenses that are incurred due to a direct physical loss to your property.

Foreign Products Liability

If you sell products internationally, carrying foreign liability coverage is necessary to protect against international lawsuits.

General Liability

Coverage against bodily injury and property damage due to your negligence on or off-site.

Product Recall Coverage

Coverage for expenses incurred due to product recall from retail partner stores.

Commercial Auto

If you have company-owned vehicles for the operation of your business, you must carry a commercial auto plan. This could include any trucking insurance exposures, day-to-day driving exposures, or even a company-provided auto for sales folks or executives.

Cyber Insurance

If your business handles credit card information, employee personal data, or any other secure information, it’s important to have a cyber plan in place to protect against cyber liability occurrences such as malware, ransomware, invoice manipulation, and cyber phishing.

Umbrella Insurance

An additional liability plan that covers all liability exposures and assets of the company. This can be purchased for coverage of $10 million or more.

At Hitchings Insurance, we realize each distributor or manufacturer is unique in every way. We will guide you to a customized insurance solution backed by A-rated insurance partners, who have industry-specific plans to protect you against potential claims losses. Together, we create a business insurance plan that is fueled by transparency and respects your budget.

The Hitchings Insurance Promise

Removing potential blind spots, and making you aware of any coverage gaps that require specific insurance or endorsements is all in a day’s work—understanding and navigating the insurance markets for our clients unique needs. We value people, even more than the businesses they operate and make it our job to mitigate risks and leave no room for doubt.  We actively listen, ask questions, and leverage our network of insurance carriers to find the right coverage, at the best price possible.

To learn more about our ‘People Before Policies’ approach – complete and submit a free quote request – or call us at 419-423-9145.