Equine Farm


Horses are genuinely magnificent and valuable animals. Their potential for aiding in various activities, such as ranching, riding, or cowboying, can help you reach your personal or agricultural aspirations—their long history of partnering with farmers to achieve their goals.

As you appreciate one of nature’s most reliable partnerships, you’ll also fully understand the heavy risks that working with equines presents. Whether you operate a commercial horse farm or enjoy a hobby farm with horses, appropriately protecting your dwelling, farm buildings, liability, and your horses is essential. We’re here to help guide you to find a cost-effective solution.

What is equine farm insurance?

Equine farm insurance, also known as horse farm insurance, is a comprehensive insurance package designed to cover various affiliates of the equine community, their horses, personal property related to horse ownership, and liability for horse-related activities.

What Equine Operations do we work with:

  • Equine ownership
  • Equine boarding
  • Breeding operations
  • Borrowed saddle animals
  • Show horse training and trainers
  • Pleasure training services
  • Lessons for equine students (riding instruction)
  • Agricultural fairs
  • Horse clinics

The equine business involves diverse activities, and these policies even extend protection to non-owned horses stabled under your care, custody, or control.

Insurance coverages your horse farm should consider.

Horse farm insurance provides comprehensive coverage for both hobbyists and commercial farmers engaged in equine activities and services. An equine farm policy includes liability coverage for equine activities, personal property, equipment, and horse buildings, such as riding arenas.

As a caretaker of equines, consider a few standard and specific coverages in your farm plan.

Equine Activities Liability

This coverage protects you against liability arising from insurable equine activities conducted on your farm, such as riding lessons, boarding operations, breeding, and show-horse training.

Equine Mortality Insurance

Essential for horse owners, this coverage insures against losses due to illness, disease, theft, humane euthanasia, accidents during transport, and certain accidents. Additional options may include loss of use and significant equine medical procedures.

Optional Coverage for Outbuildings, Arenas, and Barns:

You can include coverage for structures for housing your horses or providing related services.

Blanket Farm Personal Property Coverage

This coverage extends to horses, tack, feed, medicines, equipment, and other supplies used for your animals.

Why work with us for your equine business?

  • Protection Against Lawsuits

Scheduled livestock coverage allows the farmer more variability with how much to insure individual animals. You may also customize coverage. This option allows the farmer to select adequate limits for the different values of their animals.

  • Asset Protection

Your horses are essential assets, and equine mortality insurance ensures you can recover financial losses due to unfortunate events.

  • Peace of Mind

Equine farm insurance provides peace of mind, knowing that your valuable equine investments are protected, and your liability is covered.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

Equine farm insurance covers a wide range of activities and services associated with horse ownership, ensuring complete protection tailored to your specific needs.

On top of horse-specific insurance, the Hitchings Insurance team offers many other farm-specific coverages. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about any of the coverages below or consider these additional items in your farm package insurance plan.

  • Personal Property
  • Farm Property
  • Farm Buildings
  • Grain Storage Buildings
  • Farm Liability
  • Pollution Liability
  • Farm Employers Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Farm Trucking Insurance
  • Crop Insurance
  • Legacy Planning Insurance

Our Farm Insurance Promise

We value people, even more than the farms they operate, and make it our job to mitigate risks and leave no room for doubt. We actively listen, ask questions, and leverage our network of insurance carriers to find the right coverage, at the best price possible.

To learn more about our ‘People Before Policies’ approach – complete and submit a free quote request – or call us at 419-423-9145.