In Ohio, Crop Insurance protects farmers and ranchers against crop income loss due to natural disasters or to a decline in revenue because of sharp price swings. If crops are your main source of income for the entire year, insufficient yields or plummeting prices can be devastating.  Crop Insurance is a valuable tool to help manage risks beyond your control.

At Hitchings Insurance Agency, we are a one-stop shop for all your Ohio Crop Insurance needs.  We know the options and will find the best coverage for you based on your unique situation and goals.

There are several types of available crop coverage, some from private insurance companies and some federally subsidized. These include:

Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)

This popular coverage is federally subsidized and regulated. It offers crop protection against crop losses due to weather, disease, insect damage, and other perils. It also offers protection for revenue loss due to price declines. This coverage must be purchased seasonally, by a deadline, and before crops are planted.

The private insurance market also offers a variety of Crop Insurance coverage options, among them:

Crop Hail Insurance

  • Often purchased to protect high-yielding crops from devastating hail storms.

Crop Revenue Insurance

  • Protects income against low-yield seasons or swings in crop prices, regardless of the cause.

Revenue Protection (RP)

  • Protects from revenue loss caused by low yields and/or prices
  • Uses producer’s Actual Production History (APH)
  • Higher of Base Price or Harvest Price automatically used to determine indemnity
  • Increases ability to secure financing
  • Provides coverage on basic, optional or enterprise units
  • Allows for more aggressive marketing
  • Reinsured and subsidized by FCIC

Yield Protection (YP)

  • Protects from loss caused by low yield
  • Uses producer’s Actual Production History (APH)
  • Minimum Catastrophic coverage is available

Area Risk Protection (ARP)

  • Replaces GRP and GRIP
  • Protection against loss of revenue caused by low prices, low yields, or a combination of both. Also, includes harvest price protection.
  • Requires production reporting by production reporting deadline

Crop Hail/Companion Hail Insurance

  • Acre by acre protection that can be up to the actual cash value of the crop
  • Can be used as an enhancement to a revenue or MPCI policy

Farming is a tough business. The right Crop Insurance protects you against natural disaster, a bad yield, falling prices, or any of the many variables that turn a good season bad.

You talk, we listen!

At Hitchings Insurance, we take the time to listen to you, learn your unique needs, learn what you value, and learn what is important to you. Once we have a clear picture, we turn to our network of insurance partners and from an array of options, we select the ones that fit your singular circumstances and budget. Our service is friendly, personal, and highly responsive. We’re there for you in good times and bad.

Learn why so many of your Ohio and Michigan farming neighbors trust Hitchings Insurance Agency to protect their crops. We invite you to learn about the Hitchings Insurance Agency difference yourself – fill out a free quote form or call us at 419-423-9145.


March15thSales Closing; corn, soybeans, cabbage, tomatoes, popcorn
31stFinal Planting; spring cabbage and popcorn
June5thFinal Planting for corn
June15thFinal Planting for tomatoes
June20thFinal Planting for soybeans
July1stBilling Date for wheat
July15thAcreage Reports; corn, soybeans, cabbage, popcorn
July20thFinal Planting for Summer Cabbage
August15thBilling Date; corn, soybeans, tomatoes, popcorn
September30thSales Closing for wheat
October20thFinal Planting for wheat
December15thAcreage Reports for wheat

Definitions / Explanations

Actual Production History (APH)
A minimum of four years yield history building to a 10-year maximum.

Base Price
Average daily price set before planting of the appropriate futures contract.
Corn – February average daily settlement price of December CBOT futures.
Soybeans – February average daily settlement price of November CBOT futures.

Harvest Price
Average daily price set at harvest of the appropriate futures contract.
Corn – November average daily settlement price of December CBOT futures.
Soybeans – October average daily settlement price of November CBOT futures.

Calculated Revenue (CR)
Established at harvest and compared to the final guarantee to determine whether or not a loss payment is made.

The calculated revenue is determined by multiplying total production to count (actual yield) x harvest price.

Final Guarantee
The highest of the minimum guarantee or harvest guarantee.

Harvest Guarantees
Your Actual Production History (APH) x
Coverage Level selected x Harvest Price

Base Guarantee 
Your Actual Production History (APH) x
Coverage Level selected x Base Price

Subdivided sections of a producer’s acreage;
for example, York Twp Sec 12/Sec 13.

Sales closing date
Last day to apply for coverage

Final planting date
Last day to plant unless insured for late planting

Acreage reporting date
Last day to report the acreage planted.
If not reported, insurance will not be in effect.

Date to file notice of crop damage

  • after damage – the date the producer decides to discontinue caring for the crop;
  • prior to the beginning of harvest;
  • immediately, if farmer determines that the crop is damaged after harvest begins;
  • or the end of the insurance period, whichever is earlier.

End of insurance period
Latest date of insurance coverage

Payment due date
Last day to pay the premium without being charged interest.

Cancellation date
Last day to request cancellation of policy for the next year.

Production reporting date
Last day to report production for Actual Production History (APH).

Debt termination date
Date insurance company will terminate policy for nonpayment


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