Insurance is there to protect the things you value and care for. For most of us, our pets would be high on that list alongside home, auto, business, family members, and health insurance.

Whether your furry companion is a top-bred Australian cattle dog working alongside you on the farm, or a Heinz 57 cross who keeps your family laughing, unexpected medical costs or even surgery can arise. Choosing between self-payment and insurance coverage can be difficult in an emergency.

Our partnership with Top Dog Insurance provides the opportunity to secure pet insurance coverage for pet owners in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. Their online portal makes it convenient to access everything needed if you want to review or access your coverage details.

Pet Insurance Farm Insurance Questions

If you have a young pet in good health and can afford additional premiums to cover unexpected costs, you should get pet insurance.

Like so many types of coverage, the best time to buy is when your pet is young and healthy.

You have coverage options by going to the Top Dog link provided and entering your pet’s information. There you can see the available coverages! Don’t forget to review the exclusions.

Typically wellness exams, vaccinations, spay and neuter surgeries and routine care are not covered.

Using the Top Dog link and entering your pet’s information will provide the cost after selecting your coverage choice. From there, you can determine if the policy fits your budget.

A combination of the coverages, deductible, animal breed, pre-existing conditions, and age all go into the premium determination.

After receiving care from the veterinarian, your invoice and information can be submitted through the online portal with Top Dog to get reimbursed based on the coverage.