Poultry Insurance

According to the USDA, 9 billion farmed birds in the United States as of 2021. That’s a billion with a B, which means you likely know someone with a poultry operation. Poultry farmers have a whole basket of tasks associated with raising birds, from ensuring their well-being and safety to maintaining farm structures and equipment.

Specialized poultry farm insurance is available to cover operations that depend on avian assets and support farmers’ income. Understanding coverage options is crucial.

Hitchings Insurance provides cost-effective solutions to support and protect your poultry needs, whether you are an egg-laying, meat-raising, or poultry breeding facility from the family farm to a commercially run poultry facility that supplies food to our nation.
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Insurance coverages your poultry operation should consider.

Various types of insurance specifically designed for poultry operations offer a range of coverages to protect farms of any size or type. As a caretaker of our nation’s food supply, it is essential to consider standard and specific coverages for your farm plan related to your poultry.

Poultry Coverage

This insurance protects the poultry, a primary asset and source of revenue for poultry farmers. It covers losses from risks, such as diseases, natural disasters, accidents, theft, and transit-related damages.

Liability Insurance

Essential for any business, liability insurance protects poultry farmers against claims or lawsuits related to injuries to visitors, damage to third-party property, and legal defense costs.

Poultry Business Income

Coverage against lost revenues due to a direct loss of your farming operation. If you lost a poultry confinement building, how long would it take to rebuild that structure and get it operational again? How much revenue would that have cost you? This coverage is critical to any poultry operation.

Property and Contents

Poultry has a unique set of challenges regarding its pollution exposure. We believe it is an intelligent investment to include pollution coverage on your plans to cover against any pollution lawsuits that could come your way from mishandling waste or a pollution spill into the ground or waterways.

Poultry Transit Coverage

Coverage while transporting your poultry.

Poultry Mortality Insurance

Plans for disease and death of your flock may be available if it is not offered or available through a growing contract.

Property and Contents

Poultry farm insurance covers farm buildings, structures like confinement buildings, coops, barns, silos, and farm dwelling buildings. Contents crucial to farm operations, like feed, seeds, medicines, and fences, can also be covered.

Hitchings Insurance Agency helps poultry farmers assess coverage needs and tailor insurance packages to protect their livelihoods from unexpected events.

On top of poultry-specific items, you should also consider these additional items in your farm package insurance plan.

  • Personal Property
  • Farm Property
  • Farm Buildings
  • Grain Storage Buildings
  • Farm Liability
  • Pollution Liability
  • Farm Employers Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Farm Trucking Insurance
  • Crop Insurance
  • Legacy Planning Insurance

Our Farm Insurance Promise

We value people, even more than the farms they operate, and make it our job to mitigate risks and leave no room for doubt. We actively listen, ask questions, and leverage our network of insurance carriers to find the right coverage, at the best price possible.

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