Firearms & Outdoorsman Industry


Our roots run deep, and like you we have passion for the outdoors! We have specialty insurance products for the firearm and outdoorsman industry. Our licensed insurance agents know and understand this industry because it’s part of who we are.

Specialized Coverage for the Outdoor Industry

Every industry has its unique insurance needs, but nothing quite compares to the outdoor industry. Navigating the complex world of insurance can be challenging, but we’re here to guide you through that journey. Due to the increased liability risk associated with the firearms industry, it is important to work with a licensed insurance agent who understands your business.

Operations We Typically Insure

  • Custom Firearms Builders
  • Firearm Parts Manufacturers
  • Gun Stores
  • Gun Accessory dealers
  • Bow Shops
  • Bow Parts Manufactures
  • Hunting Guides and Outfitters
  • Gun Ranges
  • Hunting Trade Shows
  • Fishing Gear Manufactures
  • Fish Gear Retail Operations

Insurance Coverage

Business insurance can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your operation. Comprehensive coverage is essential to protect assets adequately. If you’re unsure where to start or find insurance terminology confusing, the team at Hitchings Insurance can guide you through your coverage needs.

Here are some a few examples of coverage types that can safeguard your business:

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Given the higher-than-normal liability risk, having liability coverage is imperative. This insurance protects you if someone sustains injuries on your property or due to the products you sell. A single liability claim can be financially devastating, making this coverage a crucial investment.

Business Interruption

Coverage to get you back in business while you rebuild. You will need to continue to make payroll to keep good people on your staff. You will need to pay utilities. You will want to continue to make a profit so you can live the lifestyle you’re used to. Whether you own a manufacturing facility or a gun store, this coverage is very important.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

Any business requires liability coverage, but gun stores face a unique liability risk. Umbrella liability insurance offers additional protection to your policy, covering major medical expenses or losses in case of injuries related to firearms sold or injuries on your premises.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If you employ even one person, workers’ compensation insurance is essential. Whether your business operates in the firearm industry or not, accidents can happen at work. This insurance covers lost wages and medical expenses if an employee gets injured while working for you and can also protect you from potential lawsuits.

Products Liability

Do you manufacture a part? If so, you need products liability to cover you against any liability suites that could come your way if something becomes faulty and someone where to be injured due to your product.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance provides coverage on your building, your inventory, raw materials, office furniture, computer systems, and covers you against perils like fire, wind, water damage, theft, vandalism, lightning strikes.

Product Recall Coverage

Is there a chance your products could be pulled off the shelves of your retail partners and you need to get them shipped back to HQ for modification? There is coverage that can be purchased against this.

Commercial Auto

Do you ship your goods, transport materials, or move inventories around? If your business owns a vehicle, you need to have the proper commercial auto insurance in place.

High Value Machining

We’ve seen specialized firearms business carry millions of dollars of coverage on their machining. The correct coverage is important should disaster strike.


Do you hold customers’ products in your possession? If so, you need to carry coverage against this added exposure.

FFL Penalties

This coverage is specific to your industry; you need coverage if something goes sideways with the FFL.

Cost of Insurance:

The cost of insurance depends on various factors, including your location, the products you sell, annual revenue, special events, business property limits, insurance claims history, and business experience in your given field.

We can guide you through the insurance journey and get the best-in-class pricing for your business. Our insurance specialists are ready to assist you.

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