Vehicles are a big financial investment. For most of us, they are the second-most costly purchase that we make, after our homes.  And for people in Ohio, having a car or truck is rarely optional. They take us back and forth to work, transport our kids to school, haul groceries, pets, sporting equipment, and yard supplies – all while keeping us safe and dry and protected from the elements.

They’re a great convenience until they’re not. When something goes wrong – a broken windshield, a collision with a deer in the road, a fender-bender, or a theft – it can be more than a hassle. Good Auto Insurance helps you get back on the road quickly with the least amount of hassle.  If a truly serious accident occurs, it protects you from potentially ruinous costs.

Ohio has what is known as a “fault” system of insurance coverage. It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle without insurance or proof of financial responsibility, such as a Surety Bond or a state-approved certificate. Driving without required Auto Insurance in Ohio can result in a variety of potential penalties, including license suspension, fines, and even vehicle impoundment.

Here’s what the minimum mandatory Ohio Auto Insurance policy generally covers:

  • Property Damage Liability coverage
  • Bodily Injury Liability coverage

These are the mandatory minimum coverages. If you are at fault in an accident and the costs exceed the limits of your minimum coverage, you can be held responsible for these costs. The state says your home, car, and other assets could be taken away from you, or your present and future wages could be garnished to pay for these costs.

Hitchings Insurance will help you find the right Ohio Auto Insurance policy at the right price.

TV ads make it sound like the cheapest Auto Insurance is the best way to go. In most cases, it’s important to have coverage that extends beyond the minimum. Cheap insurance can leave you dangerously exposed. Consider common optional coverages, like collision and comprehensive.

At Hitchings Insurance, we work with many of the nation’s best Auto Insurance companies to help you find the right coverage based on your unique needs and budget. We also work with you to find ways to minimize your costs through bundling multiple policies and securing discounts, such as for multiple vehicles, safe drivers, and security devices. We’ll explore other ways to reduce costs that might be right for your circumstances, such as higher deductibles.

Boost your coverage

Many of our clients with auto policies choose to boost their coverage with an Umbrella Insurance policy. This type of insurance applies to all your personal policies, providing added protection.

We invite you to learn about the Hitchings Insurance Agency difference yourself – fill out a free quote form or call us at 419-423-9145.


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Covers the cost of a rental car while your car is being
repaired due to a covered claim.

GAP Insurance

Covers the balance of the vehicle's loan when the
loan balance is greater than the vehicle's worth.

Medical Payments

Covers medical expenses for you and your passengers.

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist

Provides coverage if you're ever in an accident with someone
who isn't carrying enough insurance.

Agreed Value / High End Auto Coverage

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Comprehensive Coverage

Protection against damages caused by events other than
an accident - theft, vandalism, fire, deer/animal collision, etc.

New Car Replacement

Coverage that will replace your vehicle if it is a total loss.


Covers you against lawsuits for damages or injuries you cause in an accident.

Collision Coverage

Coverage to fix your vehicle if you’re in an auto accident or get hit by a hit & run driver.

Trip Interruption Coverage

Coverage against unexpected expenses due to an auto accident.
For Example, extra hotel room stays, rental space, etc.

Roadside Assistance

Coverage for towing, battery service, damaged tires, etc.

Interactive Coverage Map

Auto Insurance

Helps you get back on the road quickly with the least amount of hassle