Toy Insurance

When we are young, a toy is often a small representation of something familiar. We all remember a favourite baby doll, tractor, or remote-controlled boat. If we’re lucky, toys still amuse us as we age, but they look slightly different!

Remember that remote control boat you enjoyed as a kid? It has been replaced by an actual boat you drive on the water! Unfortunately, many homeowners in Ohio assume these toys will automatically be covered under home, farm, or vehicle coverage, which is typically untrue. Let’s talk about a few of the toys that require specific insurance. They are NOT automatically covered:

  • ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Golf Cart Insurance
  • Motor Home Insurance
  • Recreational Vehicle Insurance
  • Snowmobile Insurance
  • Travel Trailer Insurance
  • Watercraft Insurance

It could be an awful weekend at the camp if you assumed your homeowners’ policy covered the ATV! There is NO coverage if there is any physical damage to the toys above. There are a couple of exceptions, but even then, coverage is very minimal. Also, liability for belongings does NOT extend from your homeowners’ policy either. So, let’s get the toys you’ve worked hard to have and enjoy covered by adding specific coverage to your insurance policy.

What is the benefit of adding the toy to your insurance policy?

You will get liability coverage.

You will have proper coverage for the value of the item.

Without the coverage, you’d be out of luck if the toy was stolen or damaged.

  • What about the equipment I use to maintain my home?
    If you have a mower for lawn maintenance or a 4-wheeler to spray fruit trees, home insurance automatically covers these because they help maintain the home!
  • Rule of thumb: Notify your Hitchings Insurance agent whenever you buy or acquire an item of value.
    It is important to keep your insurance professional informed about any changes when making a purchase to ensure proper coverage. We are always happy to talk with you and can help ensure that your belongings are adequately protected at the time of purchase instead of discovering issues during a claim.